First AR - pics and questions -

First AR - pics and questions -

This is a discussion on First AR - pics and questions - within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A trusted buddy who I work with at the FD (he used to be LEO but left the dark side ) was saving up money ...

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Thread: First AR - pics and questions -

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    First AR - pics and questions -

    A trusted buddy who I work with at the FD (he used to be LEO but left the dark side ) was saving up money to buy an FN he sold me his Colt LE6920 with 6 position Vltor stock.... $1000. He told me, and I believe him, that he put 20 rounds through it to sight it and then he left it in his closet for a year. (He bought it right around Obama election.)

    A year ago I didn't even own a single firearm. Now I have a tactical assault rifle? My whole family are moderate democrats, myself included, and I'm still not sure why I feel I need this. Oh well, to me, having an assault rifle is liking having a wedding dress. You may never have to use it, but when you do, someone's life is definitely ending...

    photo cropped/resized QKS

    Initially I'm just going to pick up a sling, soft case, flip up/back up sites, and maybe a quadrail and reddot. I don't see myself paying $400+ for a holographic sight, I just can't justify spending that proportion of my disposable income.

    Also, I'm not a hunter...per say. However, my grandfather's land, half orange groves and half pasture, has been damaged by hogs for years and years. We go out and shoot them when we can, usually with a 22 or my grandfather's 243. Well, it may or may not be overkill, but come this weekend, those hogs won't know what hit them....

    Also, how far do frangible 5.56 penetrate? Am I good with drywalls? Google churned up a few posts stating 5.56 hollowpoints didn't go through both walls but I wanted to get another opinion... has a bunch of stuff...but offhand does anyone know of a sticky/faq that has a bunch of must-have upgrades with links, things I might not have thought of (like a magwell grip or battery assisted device, I just learned about those)

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    Oh well, to me, having an assault rifle is liking having a wedding dress. You may never have to use it, but when you do, someone's life is definitely ending...

    That is Hilarious.

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    This has some good info on terminal ballistics:

    Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo
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    Nice! My boyfriend has a AR. Why? No particular reason. It isn't like he could use it in our complex if needed without killing people in the next couple apartments. But it is a ton of fun to shoot at the range :-) Enjoy it!

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    Actually, if you check out my link, he's more likely to have over penetration problems with a 12 Ga or any common handgun caliber (provided he's using purpose-built defense ammo).
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    Fantastic rifle! That 6920 really is a great choice. If I were you I'd go shoot it (a lot) before changing a bunch of parts on it - you may fall in love with the KISS factor and lighter weight of a stock carbine.

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    all you want to know about AR-15 ammo:

    :: Ammo Oracle
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    My take is a little different.
    You have a great AR there, but if you own no other firearm, you may have started with some pistols first...something you could CCW.
    Have fun with your discovery of firearms...get yourself something to carry.OMO
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    You got it because you could and it'll be FUN to shoot at the range!

    Fun dosn't care of your party affiliation. It's other uses (SD/HD) are a good bonus.
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    From his avatar I think he may carry a Kahr....he said a year ago he didnt own a weapon.
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    Congratulations on your new gun. I like that stock on there.

    Go out and shoot it a lot. If you feel like it's missing something, then look into upgrades. Must-haves? That's a personal decision but I would recommend getting some Pmags to start with. Now go out and introduce it to those hogs!
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    I have fired over 10,000 rounds of .223 from my competition AR's. All of them hollow points weighing from 53-80 gr. from the major bullet makers including WW and Rem. I promise you, they penetrate a target with a heavy backer and slam into the dirt bank 20 yards beyond in one piece and with great authority when fired from 600 yards.
    Is there some super frangible bullet that turns to dust upon impact with a sheet of drywall at 21 feet after leaving the muzzle at 3,000+ FPS...don't know. Sorry but I am NOT standing on the other side of the wall while you try it out.
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    Thumbs up

    That rifle is far too nice for a moderate Democrat. Would you consider giving it to an Enlightened Independent?

    Seriously......Shoot It In Good Health.

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    I would take off the carry handle and go with an EOTech on the flat top with a LaRue fixed BUIS behind it.

    Get some extra Magpul P-mags.

    Plenty of Hornady TAP 75 grain OTM.

    A Magpul MOE hand guard with an added rail.

    A Tango Down Vertical Fore Grip.

    Get a swivel sling and run a Spec-Ops Mamba.

    And one more thing: a Surefire G2 LED

    BTW, You got a good price on that Colt! If you decide you don't want it, send me a PM.
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    An enhanced 2 point sling wouldn't be remiss. From my limited experiance. One points may be cooler, but offer zero support for shooting.

    That 5.56 will handle the piggies quite well, even with hardball.
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