Well I'm quite undecided now.

I'm leaning toward the Lancaster do to the fact it has a SS bbl that is supposed to be more accurate. TGI not really sure, with the $399 price tag it is nice but like you said no scope mount and luck of the draw on what you get. CIA, on Classicarms, Aim, and J&G sales, would be willing to try as all i have read about this particular rifle is it will shoot and reliably but want win a beauty contest.

But I have also extended my lookin ginto the Arsenal SGL21-61, and the SGL31. And then there is one I found yesterday from Waffen Werks , a AK54R, which is a custom PSL that has a shortened barrel to 16", uses AK furniture and gas tube. Looks awesome and is basically the equal to our 308 NATO.

So hard to say at this time guess it depends how much tax money i get back and can spend. Would really like to have a Arsenal, or the AK54R, or...dang it there I go again, LOL.