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This is a discussion on Pistol Caliber Carbine within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by AutoFan Does anyone make a PCC that uses Sig mags? This would be primarily for fun, I have other guns for HD. ...

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Thread: Pistol Caliber Carbine

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    Talking Sig Magazine for PCC

    Quote Originally Posted by AutoFan View Post
    Does anyone make a PCC that uses Sig mags?

    This would be primarily for fun, I have other guns for HD.
    The Kel-Tec SUB-2000.

    Kel-Tec SUB-2000 can be ordered with 4 mag types:

    9mm versions
    . . Glock (17 or 19), S&W Model 59, Berreta 92, or Sig Sauer P226.

    .40 S&W versions
    . . Glock 22, S&W Model 4006, Beretta 96, or Sig Sauer P226.

    Wiki Article

    My understanding on the Glock 19 version is just a Glock 17 version with the pistol grip hacksawed shorter to fit the shorter mag (Here-say so don't take it as gospel), but that is also why I just ordered the Glock 17 model. I have used 17, 19, and 33 round mags with my SUB-2000 (and my Glock 26 for that matter) and have had no problems whatsoever.

    I have my Maverick 12 ga for HD, the SUB-2000 is a plinker/SHTF/camping carbine.
    Kel-Tec P-3at, Taurus PT-908, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 26, Kel-Tec SUB-2000 9mm (Glock 17 mag compatible),Kel-Tec PF-9, Ruger SP-101 2¼ barrel hammerless, Maverick Arms 88 Security 8-shot 12 gauge, Marlin 336W .30-30 Win., Rossi Model 92 SRC .357 Mag.

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    I have the CX-4 Storm in .40cal, with the longer barrel at 18.5” (Canada has a barrel length law, normal barrel is about 16”) the 165gr .40cal round is moving at the same M/v as 165gr .44mag out of a 5” barrel. There is almost no muzzle flash and sound is quieter. With a vertical foregrip you can shoot from zero to 200m with good accuracy. The forward rails allows you to mount light and laser, improving your ability to find, identify and select targets. The laser lets you fire from the hip as well. If you carry a Berretta 92 pistols you can share mags between guns and if you run out bullets or have a jam, you can use it as a club. Using the laser from the hip, my wife can easily hit a target out to 15’ Since she hates to practice, this gives her a good self defence firearm for when I am away. Bonus for Canadians is that it gives us a centrefire rifle with a 10rd mag.

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    Why would someone choose a pistol claiber carbine over a rifle for Home defense??
    If you are living in an apartment or fairly close quarters where the homes or only a few feet apart you may be better off with the pistol caliber due to over penetration concerns.

    I have seen over expansion and under penetration mentioned in several threads.

    For the most part, I think its a non issue at home defense ranges that are typically encountered. You want a bullet that expands violently and dumps all of its energy in the target and if it stays in the target its a plus.

    The human body is not a hard target. If there is any doubt that a shot is effective, the solution is simple. Just keep shooting until the threat ceases.
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    I have a Ruger PC4 .40s&w carbine that was my Dad's, its a lot of fun to shoot and I feel makes a decent HD weapon, suplimenting my 12ga or a handgun. I bought a few 20 round mags for it, but I really prefer the 10 rounder mags for ease of use. If I need something with more power then I'll go to my SA Socom16, but not in the house!

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    I have had a number of pistol caliber carbines over the years from an M1 carbine up to 44mag(both lever and semi).
    Currently I have two; a PC9 and a Rossi "Puma" in 45LC. Both have their role in my over all HD plan.
    I live on a farm where "critter control" is a primary concern along with protection from human predators.

    The 45LC (carbine and SAA) are kept in the shop in a locked cabinet along with a shotgun. The PC9 is in the gun safe in the house right next to the P89 and the Mini-14. There is a Mossberg500 available in the house as a primary HD weapon for my wife and I carry either a S&W 36 or a P3AT at all times. Leaving weapons unsecured is not an option with the 4 yr old around.

    While the shotgun is our primary HD weapon, my wife prefers the PC9. It is VERY easy to handle and she is quite comfortable shooting it. Together with the P89 the two of us can share magazines which limits ammo confusion.

    I prefer the 45LC over 9mm and given a choice will grab it every time. It has proven itself on coyote and deer. While I've carried a 9mm for years, I have never been as confident with it as with the larger calibers. The .22 lr, .380 and .38special are there to get me to something more substantial.
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    my only current PCC is a Beretta Storm CX4 in 9mm that I traded for a couple of years ago. It is very reliable, easy to handle and accurate. With the accessory rail on top, you can mount any optic you want, and the pull out rail in the front of the fore end is excellent for attaching a light, laser, or both. The stock trigger does leave a bit to be desired, although there is a custom trigger group (as well as a few other "upgrade" custom parts) now available. When I have a bit more disposable income I will order the custom trigger group from "Mr. Rogers".


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    I have a marlin camp 9. I put a gunshow red dot on it and sighted it in at 75 yds. Most excellent at coyote killing. It uses s&w w mags that you can get anywhere. The only problem with it is it's too much fun to shoot. My 9mm supply takes a serious hit whenever I take it out shooting.

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