Can't decide: AR 15 or M14?

Can't decide: AR 15 or M14?

This is a discussion on Can't decide: AR 15 or M14? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm trying to decide between purchasing an AR-15 or a Springfield M14. I know the latter is much more $$ than the AR, but that's ...

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Thread: Can't decide: AR 15 or M14?

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    Can't decide: AR 15 or M14?

    I'm trying to decide between purchasing an AR-15 or a Springfield M14. I know the latter is much more $$ than the AR, but that's not an issue. Just curious as to everones opinion on defensive tactics with these rifles, ballistics, cost to shoot, etc. Thanks in advance.

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    I would not use a .308 caliber weapon for home defense.

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    Let me qualify my answer first. I have an AR-15 and have never fired an M14 (Springfield M1A) and my knowledge of the M14 is from reading. With the AR-15 being a 5.56 or 223 Remington as opposed to the M14 being a 7.62 or 308 Winchester, the AR-15 would be cheaper to shoot. You can also get a great deal of accessories for the AR quite readily. I would imagine that the M14 would have much better terminal ballistics at the same ranges. Personally I believe the 7.62 is a better stopper that the 5.56. If you like the style of the AR-15 and the 7.62 stopping power check to see if you can find an AR-10. This is what Eugene Stoner originally brought to the military trials when they were looking for a replacement for the M14. The military then told him to design it for a smaller caliber and the result was the AR-15. If I had to choose between an AR-15 or the Springfield M1A I would choose the M1A. It is better at longer ranges and in many states it is of a legal caliber to hunt deer with. That is if hunting deer with a military rifle is your cup of tea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Knight View Post
    ... That is if hunting deer with a military rifle is your cup of tea.
    Would the Deer really care?

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    I gotta ask, for what purpose to you intend on using it for? The M1 shines in a lot of areas, but the logistics of the AR make it a darn good choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wadecool View Post
    I'm trying to decide between purchasing an AR-15 or a Springfield M14. I know the latter is much more $$ than the AR, but that's not an issue. Just curious as to everones opinion on defensive tactics with these rifles, ballistics, cost to shoot, etc. Thanks in advance.
    It comes down to what you want the gun to do for you. I've got a couple of ARs in 5.56, but I lust after the M1A and similar battle guns (e.g., FAL) for the 7.62 round they shoot and the superior downrange ballistics. I'll take a SOCOM 16, thank yew...

    Hands down, the M1A will be more expensive at every turn. Initial purchase price, ammo, magazines, parts, you name it... it just costs more. Great gun, though.

    Defensive tactics? Big difference between a 7-pound AR with a collapsible stock and a 9+ pound, 44-inch gun. Clearly the AR carbine wins out here. Ammo bulk and management are much easier with the AR. If it's a case of just getting the maximum number of rounds downrange in the least amount of time, the AR is the ticket. Need to nail 'em down at 200 yards with aimed fire? Go with the M1A.

    Again, it comes down to what role you want the gun to fill for you.
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    Just my 2 cents, but...recently went thru same or sort of, decision.

    AR15 - .223, great weapon, ammo cheap (relatively), accurate to 100 yds, lots of accessories, fun to shoot!

    M1 - .308, accurate to 300+ yds, expensive to buy, ammo more expensive, fewer accessories

    AR10 - .308, Great weapon, plenty of accessories, more expensive to shoot.

    My choice, AR15 lower, 6.8mm SPC upper. Terminal ballistics in between .223 and .308. Accurate to 300+ yds. Less recoil than .308. Ammo available locally and on line. Cost between .223 and .308. Seems to be a great compromise. Took two deer this season 180+ lbs, longest shot was 185 yds.

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    Apples and oranges.

    If I could have only one rifle, period, and these were the choices, I would go with the M1A, which is what Springfield Armory, Inc. call their M14. I would, of course, pay much more for the .308 ammo over time, but .308 can do things that .223 cannot. As for tactics, well, where I live, I would certainly have to adjust my tactics if using a .308 for general defense, because I like my neighbors. Basically, I would need to use something else to shoot at bad guys in my neighborhood, except for some very specialized circumstances.

    Presently, I have an AR15 and two Mini-14s, because .223 is a better cartridge to use in my near-urban environment. I own manually-operated rifles chambered in .308. An M1A or M14 is on my long-term wish list, but is not a priority. I do plan to live on acreage in an area with rolling hills in the future.

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    Yeah I couldn't make up my mind so I bought both. Then I bought another AR. Did not get another M1A, but instead bought a HK G3 copy for a second 30 cal. semi. Love them all.

    What caliber you thinking in the AR platform? Makes a difference on the rest of your questions.

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    For only one rifle I would chose the M14 in 308.
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    The do anything, short/long range, hunt, personal defense, fun choice is the M14. Heavier, most costly to shoot, more recoil.
    I own both. I shoot my M4's/AR's more often than the M1A's and other .308's but if I had to chose one, It would be the M14/M1A.
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    You can get an AR in 5.56 and an additional upper in 6.8SPC (or something really unusual like .50 Beowulf) for around the same price as an M1A. The 6.8 has better ballistics than the 7.62x51 in many circumstances, and the AR will in almost any configuration be shorter, lighter, more modular, and cheaper to run than the M1A.

    And as for the AR only being accurate to 100 yards...standard marksmanship training reaches 300 meters in the Army and 500 yards in the Marines with stock M4s/M16s, and my 18" Noveske will shoot as far as I can see. I had the distinct "pleasure" of humping an M14 around A-stan for a while - I quickly went back to my M4 - as did my spotters, when doing anything other than relatively static operations.
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    Personally I would go the AR15. Slightly easier to find ammunition, easy to get conversions for training purposes. (22lr) Much larger supply support for absolutely everything one would need.

    Also no need to keep glass bedding the rifle to keep it in it's rumored amazingly great accuracy.

    If I were to go for a semi-auto 308 capable weapon though it would be a quality FAL all the way.
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    I'm kind of biased but I think the AR-15 is a must have for anyone into defense. So I say go with the AR-15. There is just sooo much you can do with em.
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    If you like the AR but like the .308 too, then go with the AR10 and have the best of both worlds.

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