Done with my home defense rifle!....

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Thread: Done with my home defense rifle!....

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    Thumbs up Done with my home defense rifle!....

    Well, I guess my "KISS" rifle probably dosen't qualify as KISS anymore, but I am through putting money into it.

    Specs are:

    16" Bushmaster HBAR

    Wilson Combat Accu-tac Flash Hider (no ringing noise associated with some prong type hiders)

    4lb Chip McCormick single stage trigger

    Magpul MOE Stock

    Badger Ordinance Medium size charging handle latch

    Eotech 511 on LaRue LT-110 Mount

    Troy Ind rear BUIS

    Ergo grip

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    I think you kept it pretty simple... just added functional stuff (well, maybe the flash hider was a bit over the top...). You didn't gob it up with junk from Cheaper Than Dirt, which is commendable.

    You do need to get a decent tac sling for it, though. And if you shoot it a LOT, get the Magpul enhanced trigger guard to save your middle finger.

    BTW, nice TRP... also part of my battery!
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    I got a little carbine for HD too,downside is 223 in an enclosed area is LOUUUUUDDDD
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    Looks like you'll have the perimeter covered...nice set-up!
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    Nice gun!! Can you you tell me more about the gun case? It looks like a good one and I'm looking at them now.

    I like LaRue tactical stuff. Appears to be very well made and I also have the Eotech 512 and like that a lot!


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    Nice rifle bag...

    I bought the same one just recently, I haven't really gotten try it too much yet, but it seems built pretty well.

    I like what you've done with the rifle too. Simple is almost always better.
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    Nice looking setup. I agree with the others, you didn't really stray from the KISS principle. A sling would be a great idea.
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    Love the guns,hope you're reloading

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    Nice rifle, great job and good photos!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    You didn't gob it up with junk from Cheaper Than Dirt, which is commendable.
    I kind of smirk every time I see someone post this nugget of wisdom. Yeah, they sell some el cheapo stuff, but they also have Daniel Defense, VLTOR, Troy, Aimpoint, EOTech, and Leupold. As long as folks gravitate away from the UTG/Crapco stuff, they can find some decent deals. [/soapbox]

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    you will never be done adding new toys to the gun.. Something new will always come out that you will have to get.. As for the bag, I have the same one but in black. Nice choice...
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    Looks great. A rifle will be the next addition to my collection right after the p2000sk.

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    I agree with the others. I think it looks pretty simple myself, darn good looking piece of equipment also.
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    Only thing I see missing is a white light of some kind. It's hard enough to hold a light and a handgun, dang near impossible with a carbine.

    Of course...that would need a rail system to mount ain't done yet :-)
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    Nice set up....unfortunately here in Connecticut this would be considered an illegal assault weapon.
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