I want to play a little

I want to play a little

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Thread: I want to play a little

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    I want to play a little

    A few years ago, I bought a "matching" pair of Remington 870 Super Mag's. The difference between the two? One was set up for tactical or home defense and the other was just for hunting. I call them matching because they are the same make, same model, same color (black), and have consecutive serial numbers! This is just an added bonus. I bought them at a pawn shop, something I normally dont do, but a friend of mine told me about them so I went and got them.

    Long story short, I use the "tactical" one for home defense, it sits behind my night stand with 7 rounds of 00 Buck! It features the basics, ATI stock with pistol grip, stock fore grip, I think its a 20" full choke barrel, sling mounts, side saddle, etc. Very KISS.

    The other, simple 3-1/2" Mag hunting shotgun. Longer barrel, changeable remchokes, normal buttstocks, etc.

    As you can probably tell, for a self-defense instructor, I dont know much about shotguns. I know enough to get me by or to get me into trouble. What I was thinking is keeping the one that is already modified, modified, and taking the stock one and making it TACT-I-COOL! I am talking all out! Adjustable buttstock w/pistol grip, cool (functional) sights, tactical barrel, all the bells and whistles. I want to spend so much money on this, my wife will want to test it out on me!

    But seriously, I dont know squat about modifying a shotgun. I really want to do the work myself, I mean, some of it seems simple enough from the research I have already done. But I just dont know what is good, what is cheap crap, what is really needed and why, etc. I have other shotguns I use for hunting, so this one really never got used. I want to make these consecutive numbered guns more alike only better. So could some of you more "talented" shotgun guru's out there help me out. I want to play with this and make it mine.

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    check out the surefire forends. From what I hear they are "leaps and bounds" beyond all others. Shotgun Weapon Light Products provided by SureFire

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    Okay, this is good. What else?? I think I am going to order the Surefire fore end. I like the Blackhawk Knoxx stock that Wilson Combat has, but was kinda looking for something with a better pistol grip. I like the finger "nubbs" and soft rubber.

    Also, what barrel? I am not into shooting slugs or anything. Should I be concerned with only having a 3" barrel with a bolt for a 3-1/2"? I googled barrels for Super Mags and didnt really reveal much. Not saying that I need a 3-1/2" shell to defend my home. A 3" 00 Buck will do the trick. What mag tube? Sights?

    Think of this as your project tactical shotgun. What would you do??

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    common people, I am serious about this and I actually need some help. I dont want to put junk on my firearm. Its hard to tell the quality of parts and aftermarket accessories on the internet. If you have something that you like and works good for you, please point me in the right direction so I can take a look.

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    Not an expert but I'll suggest a few things....

    1. An 18" barrel
    2. An XS tritium Big Dot front sight for that barrel
    3. A better follower
    4. A surefire LED light for it or a Surefire Forearm
    5. A Knoxx Specops adjustable stock (w/Recoil Absorbtion)

    That's about it. If recoil isn't a problem then I'd recommend a regular rear stock but with a Limpsaver recoil pad. And if you must, a Tacstar side saddle. Most get 6 rounds but that whole rig is getting awfully heavy so i'd recommend a 4 round sidesaddle.

    If you want tacticool then a single point sling with a mount between the receiver and the rear stock and some sort of compatible stock.

    But at the end of the day, I'd leave off the sling, get a good surefire led light and bolt it on, and I'd consider the XS big dot night sight. Oh and the follower seems like a good idea.

    I just got a knoxx specops stock for an 870 to help tame recoils. Haven't shot it yet but hope to on Friday so I'll let you know what I think. Most folks either love'em, or hate'em!!


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    +1 on the better follower.

    IMO(YMV)--sights on a home defense shotgun are not a huge deal. Shotgunning is a point shooting effort more than an aimed effort.
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    You probably have a 20" cylinder bore barrel if it's a tactical package,I don't think I've ever seen a full choke under 28" 2 3/4 or 3" shells are plenty,I think the only 3 1/2" shells you will find are going to be steel shot for waterfowl,or maybe some turkey loads,I got a mossberg 930 20" open cylinder and all I added was a light,be like my homemade flash bang
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    Well a guru, I am not, and I went a different route.
    I bought this... Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme in 12-Gauge and 20-Gauge with 3” Chamber ...and find it to be a great HD weapon (mine is in 12-Ga).

    I sent it off and had this done to it...(from a previous post of mine)
    Here's what Coyote did for me...
    Honed the chambers so shells would drop out from gravity alone.
    Carefully removed sharp edges from around the breach face and the chamber mouths to reduce hangups.
    Modified the firing pin...sightly longer (this avoids a problem with Stoegers after may rounds)
    Smoothed up the internals, including a spring kit that made it easier to operate the lever that opens the gun. (The gun literally 'falls open'.)
    Disabled the automatic safety that engaged every time the gun was opened. The safety can still be engaged manually.
    Added a larger bead sight...for eyes in their 60's.

    When I got it back, it was a different gun. He took an inexpensive Stoeger and made it ready for competition...really smooth.

    Here is the guy who did it for me...
    Coyote Cap Gunworks
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    Not a guru, but here goes what I would add; Knoxx recoil reducing stock, better follower, a Scattergun safety, XS sights, have the forcing cone length and polished, action smoothed, barrel threaded for Rem chokes, and have the whole thing Metalifed coated (Metalife), and a Surefire forearm and a side shell carrier
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    Better follower, preferably aluminum or steel and in a bright color or shiny. I would stick with a standard fixed stock, but that is a personal preference issue, if you like a shorter LOP go for a youth stock, maybe a speedfeed if you want to carry some extra shells. Vang Comp big dome safety, I wouldn't bother with a sling for HD and as for sidesaddles, my shotgun is already heavy enough, I keep a bag of shells with a belt next to my shotgun though I doubt that I'll need more than 7 (mine has a 2 round extension, I probably wouldn't have got one if it didn't have one but it came with it). I'd also go for a different forend, as others have suggested. If you want to mount a flashlight in it than I'd go for the surefire, otherwise I like the Hogue ones, very grippy and fill the hand well, plus if you do go for a sidesaddle they aren't as long as the stock ones and can accomodate that.

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