SKS prices through the roof!

SKS prices through the roof!

This is a discussion on SKS prices through the roof! within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Ok, maybe I haven't been to a gun show in awhile. Stopped in on the "free Friday" day of a local gun show (Detroit area). ...

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Thread: SKS prices through the roof!

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    Exclamation SKS prices through the roof!

    Ok, maybe I haven't been to a gun show in awhile. Stopped in on the "free Friday" day of a local gun show (Detroit area). I could not believe the prices of SKS rifles! $600 to over $800!!!!

    What's going on? The guys working the show said something about a law or ruling that has made it impossible to import rifles not made in America anymore?!?

    One of them also pointed out a corresponding drop in prices of US-made AR-type rifles...can't really speak to that since I don't own one, and I'm not really shopping for one.
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    saw the same thing last week at a gun show. you know some people will pay the price. don't know why they are priced high.
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    Norinco and Yugo SKS's are still in the $250-350 range here in NC.
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    Crazy aint it?

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    I know.
    Bought mine in 1994.
    Just had to have it , even though I was only at the GShow shopping for a bang around shotgun. Had the prettiest blonde, and I mean blond stocks I have ever seen. OTDoor price, $113

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    I made the mistake of giving mine to my little brother...It was his first "big boy" rifle, and he has still only shot it once. He likes his 10-22 more.

    I purchased two at the same time, one for myself and one for my old man. I paid about $119 each in 2006.

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    the SKS commie guns are still in the $250-300 price range here in NE Texas as well... I think the fad is dying out here

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    I remember last Gunshow I was at before the Election and saw a guy selling one for 139.00 and I thought that was to much saw one the other day for 300. and thought the same thing why is price so high !
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    I remember SKS,s going for 69.00 and 1000 rounds of ammo for 69.00
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    I got a very functional all matching parts yugo sks in a trade. I sold it right before the ammo "crises" started. DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! worst idea ever, but I learned from it.

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    I remember SKS,s going for 69.00 and 1000 rounds of ammo for 69.00
    I remember those days well too. I bought 10 of them each with a case of ammo and a 30 round clip at that price, they were all Norincos. About 6 months after Clinton signed AWB1 and the Brady bill, I sold each of those guns with the same case of ammo for $400 bucks apiece.....

    Now that was free-market capitalism at it's best.....
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    I could have had a couple of dozen for $89.00 in South Carolina (VanWyck) in 2006. Darn.
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    The gun show I was at yesterday in Ohio had them for 250 to 500

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    There are a couple dozen SKS's on gunbroker right now
    under $300 and NO bids.
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    I don't post here anymore...Sorry
    I've seen them for $500 in my area.

    I think it's people still trying to cash in on Obama-mania; however, imports may be drying up.

    A lot were made, but we maybe getting to the point of reaching the end of the line.

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