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Registration Problems

Why have some of my posts been moved, changed or deleted?

Posts are sometimes moved if they fit more appropriately in a different forum or if there has been a reorganization effort. This is usually the case if the Administrator deletes a forum but wants to preserve the individual topics within that forum. This can be done manually or merged with other forums by the Administrator. Abnormally long threads may also be split to make them more readable.

Posts are generally not edited by the Administrator unless there is something "broke" in the post such as a link, image or attachment. Post subjects may occasionally be changed to more accurately reflect the nature of the forum, correct misspellings or use of capitalization

Individual posts that "hijack" a thread or topic will frequently be deleted or moved out of the current thread or topic. Deletion is normally the rule rather than the exception. If you don't want your post deleted, keep it on topic or post it in the "off topic" area.

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