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what are your transfer fees

This is a discussion on what are your transfer fees within the FFL Dealer Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Transfer fees from 35 to 100 bucks in MD from what I have seen. I refuse to do business with anyone on the upper end. ...

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Thread: what are your transfer fees

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    Transfer fees from 35 to 100 bucks in MD from what I have seen. I refuse to do business with anyone on the upper end. It may be a pain in the ass for them, but if they want to rape me, I at least want dinner and a movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vfsurgpa View Post
    Transfer fees from 35 to 100 bucks in MD from what I have seen. I refuse to do business with anyone on the upper end. It may be a pain in the ass for them, but if they want to rape me, I at least want dinner and a movie.
    The is one of two reasons for higher than normal transfer fees.

    1. The store is greedy.

    2. The store really does not want to do transfers.

    I recently sold a a limited edition Sig to a customer in PA. While the model is not impossible to find, they are in short supply at least for now. As this is a limited edition model, once they are sold out, no more exactly like it are built.

    Anyhow, my website has a built-in FFL finder. It found at least 10 FFL's within 5-6 miles of the customer's zip code. He also bought 3 extra mags. I told him the mags could ship with the pistol for no additional shipping cost.

    The only thing the customer needed to do was contact the FFL's on the list. Most actually posted their prices and they were all $20-25.

    Later the customer calls back and says, I couldn't reach any of those FFL's. I want you to transfer the pistol to Gander Mountain. I said, ....OK (while scratching my head).

    We call Gander Mountain. We always call the FFL to confirm transfer arrangements. I speak to the manager. He says, We told the guy the pistol could be transfered but he has to come in to the store first and sign some papers before we can send a copy of our FFL to you. The next morning the customer went to Gander Mountain and signed what they wanted him to sign.

    2 days go by and I still don't have an FFL copy. I''m being told that no one has authority to send the FFL to me. I can't ship until I have it on file. I finally get hold of a manager and he says, Yeah, it's kind of our way of discouraging transfers. We purposely charge a high fee, $75.00.

    I said, well It's what the customer wants and he know the going rate so fax me a copy of your FFL so we can Ship. I had his Fax copy within a couple minutes after speaking with him.

    We get the Pistol ready to go and then I have second thoughts about sending the extra mags to a big box store. They could easily say they were not in the box. This kind of stuff is more frequent with big stores we transfer to. I make the decision not to ship the extra mags with the gun.

    The gun got shipped to Gander Mountain but the mags went to the customers home address.
    The whole thing ended up costing a little more for shipping and cost the customer 3 times as much as as the going rate for the transfer in his area. We did what the customer wanted. He was happy. That's what counts.
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    Kind of a touchy subject. My transfer is $25.00. If you buy a frearm from me there is no fee. There is no NICS fee. Simply the price of the firearm, the tax (if the sale is in KY) and that is it.
    I understand there are dealers that charge a, NCIS fee, transfer fee, and a couple of dollars for paperwork. Since the forms are free... Well never mind. I guess you can charge anything these days.

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    The LGS's get $20. to $35. most include the BGC. If they add that on it can be $5. to $8.

    The one I go to is $25. and includes the BGC. It's the closest one, a 9-mile round trip.

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    Fee is $10 and background check is $25

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    My gun in WI charges $15 plus the $13 back ground check.

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    FFL Fee's

    I charge $15 for the transfer and $10 additional if I need to do a NICS check

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    We charge a $20 flat rate for all handguns and long guns. The state takes $2 for the background check which leaves us $18 to fill out two forms and receive a gun in the mail. I'm not getting rich, but it pays the bills for doing something relative simple.

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    I charge $40 with $5 off for LEO/MIL/BP

    We're also 120 miles from another dealer..

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    $0. I have a very good dealer. I've offered to throw him a ten and he won't take it. I usually try and buy something while I'm there picking up the firearm. I don't expect it for free.
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    My local FFL is a rip off artist: He charges $0,zip, nada, 000$.

    My bet his he's part of a some nigerian scam or something: Check it out: Athens Guns

    Personal experience: 1 Savage 93F .22WRF hog gun (AL WMA rules, look it up), S&W 329PD frame crack inbound from S&W, plus bunches of ammo.

    The downside: He's former US Military, forget which brnach but think USA. YMMV.
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    I've noticed that some of the shops here in Indy have gone to charging one price to transfer a used gun and a slightly higher price to transfer a new one. Their logic being that they could have ordered the new gun for you. I don't know of anyone in town currently charging anything separately for processing if they are selling to you from inventory (their overhead is just built into the price of the gun.)

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    $15 for transfer and no fee for background check if CFP holder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RightyLefty View Post
    Yes the DOJ charges $13 for a NICS check. The former gov. wanted to go all Chicago on us and raise the fee to $30. Anything to make gun purchases more of a burden. He never got his way though.
    Someone should send the former governor a box of pink Kleenex.
    I'm just a spoke in the wheel but not a big deal.
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    I' ve charged $15 for long guns and $20 for handguns for years. When we had the whole COBIS thing in NYS I had different prices for new vs used handguns because of the shell casing portion of cobis.
    I'm moving to a ne location and because of the costs I'll be making it 420 across the board to recoup some of the costs of moving the business

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