Machine Shop/ Build Party/ 07 FFL/ ITAR

Machine Shop/ Build Party/ 07 FFL/ ITAR

This is a discussion on Machine Shop/ Build Party/ 07 FFL/ ITAR within the FFL Dealer Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Build parties appear to be legal, after all, it is legal for a law abiding citizen to manufacture their own firearm (of course, they are ...

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Thread: Machine Shop/ Build Party/ 07 FFL/ ITAR

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    Machine Shop/ Build Party/ 07 FFL/ ITAR

    Build parties appear to be legal, after all, it is legal for a law abiding citizen to manufacture their own firearm (of course, they are legally able to own a firearm and it's not a destructive device). Below is a reference article that pertains to the legalities at home; I'm interested in how this would work at a business. Is it manufacturing or instructing when a build party is located at an existing commercial location?

    Now, if one owns a machine shop and charges a fee to teach others how to build an AK from a flat for example (build the receiver from sheet metal), is the shop owner required to have an 07 FFL and abide by ITAR (if the class attendee forms the receiver themselves for their own use)?

    The law seems a little fuzzy here in the sense that the shop owner isn't actually manufacturing anything, the 'class' participant is. However, the premises, equipment, and know-how are being utilized...

    What sections of law/administrative regulation can you guys reference in a scenario like this?

    Thanks, Hope my question is clear enough. It's my thought that an 07 FFL license and ITAR compliance would be required in a scenario such as this.


    Reference article: I Built This AK-47. It's Legal and Totally Untraceable. | Mother Jones

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    Unless you are reselling the rifles for profit you don't need a FFL. If you're just building it for instruction and then dismantling it I believe you don't need a FFL. If I read it correctly you are helping students build their own personal rifle? If so that doesnt even need an FFL.
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    Ditto Delta.

    If you aren't doing it for profit no license is needed and you sure don't need to pay the 2250 a year ITAR fee or the 150 07 FFL.

    As long as the builders were providing their own flats and materials, it should be good to go.

    So far. If the democrats find out that its legal to build your own, they'll do their absolute communistic best to shut that down too...all in the name of "safety" of course.
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    In Southern Commiefornia the "build parties" have become a weekly ritual in advance of the coming round of legislation that guts gun rights there. Registration and fees of people to own firearms or purchase ammo has inspired the populace to prepare for the future. A machine shop for an AK "build" is not necessary and is regularly done in someone's garage over a weekend. No FFL needed as the "build host" is not selling parts or building firearms and is only acting as an informational source/ HELPER and the "build" is done entirely by the individuals. Usually 20 people max to sign up and $100 fee per person (only one AK assembled per person limit). Tools needed are supplied by the party host and at his direction some hand tools are supplied by participants to keep the process moving rapidly. Jigs supplied by host. Parkerization is done by the host. Here is a tutorial on the Calguns site and I would suggest (if you are interested) searching the site for other information. A tutorial for AK build parties. - AR build parties are somewhat different in that SOME "build parties" are done at Machine shops to CNC the lowers.
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    Very very interesting.

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