How Many LGS's in a 15 Mi Radius

How Many LGS's in a 15 Mi Radius

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Thread: How Many LGS's in a 15 Mi Radius

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    How Many LGS's in a 15 Mi Radius

    Are there from your house? I was thinking about this recently with my favorite shop closing up and I can count 8 right off the top of my head:

    Bart's, A&D, Arundel Firearms & Pawn, Worth a Shot, On Target, Clyde's, Fox's Firearms and 2A Sales. This does not include a Bass Pro Shop.

    I have only purchased from 3 out of the 8, but have darkened the doors of all of them.

    Seems like a lot, even living between DC and Baltimore, but maybe not.

    What's it like in your neck of the woods?

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    Probably around a dozen here... not including a half dozen pawn shops.
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    3 But its 5 miles to the nearest store of any kind. DR

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    So is that 7.5 miles out from the center making a circle of 15 miles? Or is that 15 miles out from the apex of a circle?

    It's been 43 years since I went to school.
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    I'd have to take off my sock and shoes any my wife's as well to count. Easily several dozen, just in the East Valley area.
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    There are a lot of Pawn shops where I live in Florida and they all sell guns. This gives me about 8 or more places to buy guns from. However, there is only one true gun store that is not a Pawn Shop and they also own the only range in a 45 or more mile radius. I buy my new guns mostly online or at the LGS and buy some really good used, or broken in, guns at the Pawn Shops. Where I am there are over 100,000 retired people and many of them buy guns, put them away and then they find their way into Pawn Shops when the owners die. One in particular has been in business longer than I have been alive and seem to stock all the popular guns that no one else has but they sell at MSRP. I will pay that if I really want a gun that I have not been able to find anywhere for six months or more.

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    One , but then again I live in a rural location. There are about 7 within 80 miles of me.
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    Three true LGS's with probably four large chain stores selling.
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    I have one that's 1/2 mile from my place and well over a dozen (if we include pawn shops) within 15 miles.

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    4-5 within 15 miles. Probably 30 within 25miles
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    6 within 15 miles - 30 within 25 miles.

    That's counting big boxes, but not pawn shops. Pawn shops would probably double the count within 25 miles.

    Phone book lists 58 in Gwinnett County.
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    I have three between me and Burger King! If we are talking pawn shops and spring goods stores and Walmart I would have to guess about 30.
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    8 in town, 38,000 population, next two towns are a bit bigger, about 35-40 miles, probably another ten in each. Including WMs.

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    0 LGS. Though there is a store that sells guns, that is not their primary business and they will have to order just about anything you'd want to buy.
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