Weapon Cleaning

Weapon Cleaning

This is a discussion on Weapon Cleaning within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; How often do you clean your weapon and what do you clean it with? I clean mine every month even If I don't shoot it. ...

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Thread: Weapon Cleaning

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    Weapon Cleaning

    How often do you clean your weapon and what do you clean it with?
    I clean mine every month even If I don't shoot it.
    Also, I wipe it down every day.
    This is good practice.
    I rather be safe then sorry.
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    I shoot at least once a month, so everytime it is shot it is cleaned right away. If the weapon is carried I clean off any lint and such once a week or so. If it is the safe, once a year I will wipe everything down with some Brekfree LP and it seems to work well for me.
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    Clean every time I shoot, they all get a good wipe down weekly and my EDC befor bed every night
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    I have no weapons; I have firearms. The word weapon has connotations of offense. I carry a firearm for self-defense.

    That said, I clean my firearms as necessary. I have no fixed cleaning schedule.

    If you put a firearm away clean, there's no compelling reason to clean it again in 30 days.
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    I shoot at least once a week and clean my firearms every time I shoot them. I use a product called Gun Butter now for lubrication which I really like.

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    My range guns get cleaned when they start jamming,If I'm shooting in a competition the get cleaned and lubed before,my carry guns get cleaned when they get shot,and wiped down weekly
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    While I still hold to the axiom "never let the sun go down on a dirty weapon," I've backed off of the meticulous cleaning that I used to do in the military. Those habits we had ingrained - scrubbing every part until it shines - is unnecessary at best, and damaging to the weapon (and it IS a weapon) at worst.

    A thorough "working parts" going-over after use, and a more detailed cleaning when I think they need one. Carry guns get the lint and schmutz wiped off daily. Rem Oil, CLP, or whatever I have around gets the job done...
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    I see no distinction between weapon, firearm, handgun, pistol, etc. from a functional standpoint. Anything used to aid one in either an offensive or defensive manner is considered a weapon, whether it is a handgun, bat, rock, stick, table leg, etc.

    I thoroughly clean after firing. Weapons stored in the safe are stored thoroughly cleaned and lubricated inside of a hard case with a sheet of wax paper folded over both sides of the weapon so the foam padding doesn't absorb the protectant drawing it away from the weapon or draw any moisture to the surface of the weapon. The wax paper keeps the protectant in place. Been doing this for 20+ years and the weapons I've had all of that time (blued revolvers) look mint.
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    I clean mines every other week
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    I clean mine every time after i shoot them and I try to shoot all my guns at least once every 2 months
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    Dad taught me to shoot. Dad taught me if you shoot 1 round or 100 you clean the gun, period.
    After every trip to the range, I come home and clean whatever I fired. Periodically they all get a wipe down, the carry gun gets a little extra attention, and dust or lint gets removed with some compressed air.
    At least one a year they get a fresh light oiling.
    Wait, what is that I hear? Is that the husband grumbling about the guns being cleaner than the house again?
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    the carry gun gets cleaned whenever i shoot it (~1/wk)
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    Every firearm I have gets cleaned after every use. My carry revolver gets wiped down and checked weekly.
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    Smile Bore Snake

    I like to run a bore snake through them every time I shoot. Anybody else use these items. I like that they are quick and easy, and they are washable.
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    Bore Snakes are great!

    My cleaning regime varies, depending on the gun and the usage.

    .22 rimfires get occasional lube and a wipe, but no bore cleaning until there's at least a brick through the gun.

    Defensive handguns get a wipedown after every range session, but there has to be at least 100 rounds through the gun before I attack the bore.

    Hunting rifles always get cleaned after every use.

    The ARs get wiped down and Bore-Snaked after a minimum of 100 rounds.

    Shotguns rarely get enough use to earn a serious, detailed stripping and cleaning. After more than a few rounds are fired, the bore is swabbed with a fleece rod, and the externals are wiped down - that's it.
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