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How do you protect your hands from gun cleaning solutions?

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Thread: How do you protect your hands from gun cleaning solutions?

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    Vinyl gloves. They're cheap, easy to put on/take off, & offer decent protection.
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    I don't do anything special to protect my hands. Just wash them when I'm done, scrub the fingernails with an old toothbrush if they are super dirty and make sure I lotion them up or put Vitamin E or Cuticle Oil on my nails every week or so just on general principles. I think I get more hand/nail damage from household cleaning than I do from cleaning guns.

    Either that or you can go to any medical supply store or pharmacy and pick up some size specific latex gloves that are a little thicker but nicely form fitting so you aren't feeling like your wearing oven mittens while cleaning.

    Truth be told, I've been known to steal a pair or two of small size latex gloves whenever I go to the doctor's They are just that much thicker and nicer than the crap you get at box stores like Walmart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleeye View Post
    Just use froglube, that will fix your damaged hands and clean/lube your guns.

    Thats all the protection you need for your hands.
    I retract my suggestion!

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    You might try mPro 7 cleaner, if you are willing to change products. It is a very mild cleaner that seems to do the job without being so rough on skin. Don't know how it compares to Frog Lube or newer stuff but I have been satisfied with it for many years, and I don't use gloves.
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