How to keep blued finish looking nice?

How to keep blued finish looking nice?

This is a discussion on How to keep blued finish looking nice? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; What do you use to safely clean and protect the finish on your blued handguns?...

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Thread: How to keep blued finish looking nice?

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    How to keep blued finish looking nice?

    What do you use to safely clean and protect the finish on your blued handguns?

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    No precautions neccesary. Just clean as you would any other firearm, just protect from scratches and dings. Wipe down with an oily rag, and your good to go.

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    The nicest blued gun I have is a S&W Model 19. I just polish it with a soft rag and try to keep my fingers off the steel.

    When I shoot it,(about once a year) I clean with Gunzilla, use a drop of lube or two and polish.
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    I use a good car wax about once a month on my blued (and stainless steel) weapons. Fingerprints wipe off easily and none of my guns have developed ANY rust from concealed carry skin contact. My 10 year old S x S shotgun looks like it just came new in box.
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    Renaissance Wax. It's the small white container (obviously) - Prevents fingerprints from burning into a blue finish. It's the best surface protectant ever for blued firearms. Search Ebay for it. Buy the smallest size. A tiny bit goes a very long way.

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    Hey QKShooter;

    Thanks for the tip on purchasing Renaissance Wax from off of Ebay. I have a nickel gun on the way and Renaissance Wax is recommended for nickel.

    I store my blued guns with a thin application of RIG Universal. Never a problem in 30-something years.
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    Another vote for Renaissance Wax. I use it on my stainless revolver with good results. I also read a few good reviews about Eezox but I haven't used it myself.
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