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How often do you clean your edc?

This is a discussion on How often do you clean your edc? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by az hawk i was thinking the same thing! Let's see: Former edc glock 23: Went 5,000 rounds without any cleaning or lubing ...

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Thread: How often do you clean your edc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by az hawk View Post
    i was thinking the same thing!

    Let's see:

    Former edc glock 23: Went 5,000 rounds without any cleaning or lubing whatsoever. Zero malfunctions.

    Current edc glock 19: Goes 500 to 1,000 rounds before cleaned and lubed, but round count really has nothing to do with it. Typically, i only clean it if i'm bored!


    fwiw, i'm of the camp which believes that cleaning a glock can result in more harm than good. Glock also states in the manual that glock pistols only require light lubing.
    It is a glock no cleaning needed. Dishwasher safe.
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    Every other Saturday, when I take my bi-weekly shower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by protek View Post
    I've heard that I don't really need to clean my Glock, but I like to take care of my investments. Clean after every range trip. Wipedown and inspect once a week or if I'm really bored. I find it personally embarrassing to have a furry gun, so I do check for lint regularly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    My EDC is fuzzier than a Chia-pet. Is it time to clean it?

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    Guns here are all cleaned after each use, no matter how many times they were fired.
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    no time frame or set round count for me. I just have a look at the breach and the ramp every so often and make a note to clean the gun if it's dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerberos View Post
    I'm wondering how much of the "pocket fuzz" is a result of over-oiling?
    I'm much oil is enough? In the past, my brother in law cleaned my guns for me. I decided I needed to start doing it myself. After stripping and cleaning my G30 thoroughly, I oiled it and wiped off as much as I could. When I took it to the range, I found it to be...for lack of a better word...tighter, when pulling the slide. It shot fine, but I'm wondering, did I wipe off too much of the oil? Just how much oil should u use and leave on?

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    I keep my every day carry clean and very lightly lubed.
    My other handgun firearms are mostly 1911s and I do not clean them after every shooting session.
    Here is what I do when I am finished shooting them. I wipe the exteriors with a very lightly oiled rag. I have some rags lightly oiled with Weaponshield.
    Then I place 1911 into a Zip Lock bag and I toss a couple of RUST BLOX vapor tabs into each bag.
    That kills the Oxygen inside the sealed bags. No Oxygen = No Rust No Corrosion No Pitting etc.
    When I'm ready to shoot them again I "do a visual" & run a clean patch through the bore.

    Usually every three or four shooting sessions I will clean them all at one time.

    I have never had even one firearm show the slightest trace of rust or corrosion, bore pitting, or even a burned in perma-fingerprint doing that.

    The RUST BLOX tabs create a rust and corrosion preventive atmosphere inside any sealed/enclosed space.

    I USED to clean all of my 1911s after every shooting session until (one day) I asked myself...WHY?

    The 1911 has made it through War I & War II and a host of other wars and bloody, wet, muddy, humid, sandy, dusty, snowy, and generally lousy conditions and assorted other abusive skirmishes...they should survive nicely in my home gun safe tucked away in a rust free, moisture free, Oxygen free environment.

    and...they have.

    The Rust Blox Vapor Tabs are fantastic. Try some. They are available from Brownell's.

    I have stored stripped down gun parts the same way - that were polished to bare metal and then degreased AKA no oil on them (because they were to eventually be plated & plating and oil don't mix) and months later they were still flawless with not a speck of rust.

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    Only after the range. Its a Glock. It'll function regardless if its dirty or not. But then again, its never dirty. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberpackn View Post
    I clean my edc each week. Or immediately after range time.
    Only after shooting it. And it usually takes a week or so to get around to it after that.
    I may lube it up a little if I've shot alot thru it and know it will be a little while before a cleaning. My XD has never given me any problems while dirty, but did have some FTE issues when it was very dry.
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    After shooting of course and about once every other week or so if it hasn't been shot.


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    Whenever it's dirty. I'll disassemble and clean it once every other week or so.
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    bi-weekly, and within a couple days of range use.
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    I clean my EDC after every range trip and wipe down the exterior about once a week. I don't want to carry my pistol with any toxic residue on it so I keep it clean.
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    Only when it needs it. I give it a litte massage with a silicon cloth every week or so.

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