Anybody attempted a front sight change on a Bodyguard .38? Ordered an XS 24/7 Big Dot front sight for my wifes CCW.
Package contained sight, tiny roll pin, and a few instructions by firearm manufactuer. For S&W revolvers in general that
Had front sights pined, the instructions talked about (after driving current retaining pin out &removing stock sight) DRILLING BOTH
SIDES to enlarge holes to accept new, provided pin. No mention of bit size, just a warning to drill out-to-in, flip & repeat for opposite
Side! I don't have a drill press to ensure squared holes AND, the barrell on the BG38 can only be removed using a S&W "special" tool.....
Can't find that tool listed on S&W's site.
Convinced this must be a gunsmith job but the problem is I live in,a rural area & when I search for gunsmiths, few & far beween, all are
Significant driving distance from our "out in the woods" farm.
ANY suggestions appreciated! My wife likes her "baby" and I don't want to "shade tree mechanic" work on it & mess it up!