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What is your least favorite gun to field strip

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Thread: What is your least favorite gun to field strip

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    BIG +1, Ruger Mark III
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    Civilian Gun: Ruger 22/45 is worst if you ask shooters. Military: I never really liked the old M60 - great to have when you need it, pain & bloody knuckles to clean. But they may just be me
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    Mine worst is a Makarov .380 followed by my Ruger Mk II
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    1911. Always paranoid of getting an idiot scratch on it.
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    It's 'me' time... so I enjoy it, sometimes my kids will sit and watch, and ask questions so it's quite enjoyable regardless of the task at hand.

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    I've wanted one of those Ruger .22s for years. I love those things but I've also been aware of how much of a pain they are to strip. My uncle has had one for quite some time and I hear about it whenever he cleans it.

    I don't have a problem with my 1911 but it does need that special tool. Still easy. The easiest would have to be my Beretta 92F.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    Unquestionably my Ruger MarkII.
    + 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been a shooter for many years, and I find the Ruger "Mark" pistol assembly process remarkably frustrating................

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    Colt 1911 and AR 15!
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    Ruger Mark III 22/45. Honestly, tilt up, tilt down, mag in, mag out, do the hokey pokey and throw it at the wall, that's what it's all about!

    Really I dont' shoot it that often and when I clean it have to read a detailed instruction sheet to remember the exact sequence you have to go through. It's crazy. I'd like to talk to the guy that thought this was a good idea.
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    Mine is my Kahr CM9......what pain in the butt and hands too.
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    Negative,Mr.Browning designed the tool needed for the barrel bushing,the end of the original magazine,he thought of it before hand,most people don't even realise it.
    Quote Originally Posted by marcclarke View Post
    Least Favorite: Colt 1911, due to the inordinate difficulty in turning the barrel bushing; need a separate easy-to-lose special tool to turn the barrel bushing.

    Most Favorite: HK P7M8. Grab slide with left hand, depress takedown button with thumb of left hand, draw slide to the rear, lift slide off of frame. Takes far less time to do it than to read the previous sentence.

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    Ruger Mark II. Close second is the bolt on my Moisson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Augrunt View Post
    Ruger 22/45 . Damn it to hell.
    Double damn it, I say. I don't even like shooting mine any longer because of the godawful field strip.

    "Depress this, while holding it upside down, then release that while turning this way, mag in, push that, then mag out, point to the ceiling . . ."

    Got a Kadet .22 conversion for my CZ75 instead. Much better.

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    I was going to second the Ruger 22/45 but about 20 others beat me to it. Problem is I don't shoot it all the time and forget the little tricks to putting it back together. I end up messing with it for about 10-20 minutes. then I remember the trick and can do it in seconds. I don't have any problem with any 1911s or glocks. I just got a Ruger 22LR revolver with adjustable sights so I don't think I will shoot the 22/45 as much. I think the 22/45 is fun to shoot and I use lots of ammo with it. We call them ammo burners.

    As far as Rifles My FNAR is a pain. but I am used to Garands, M1As and Ar-15s.
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    Funny, as soon I saw this thread's title, I knew for SURE that the Ruger Mk? autoloading .22 pistol would be the run-away, hands-down, no-contest, Grand Champion of Field Strip Profanity. They never break from shooting them, but I'll bet some have been damaged from throwing them back down on the bench after the 9th (freakin') try at re-assembly. I finally figured it out that you must be a double-jointed, left-handed midget and hold your tongue juuussst right. And it will STILL take 3-4 times.
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