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What is your least favorite gun to field strip

This is a discussion on What is your least favorite gun to field strip within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by marcclarke Least Favorite: Colt 1911, due to the inordinate difficulty in turning the barrel bushing; need a separate easy-to-lose special tool to ...

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Thread: What is your least favorite gun to field strip

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcclarke View Post
    Least Favorite: Colt 1911, due to the inordinate difficulty in turning the barrel bushing; need a separate easy-to-lose special tool to turn the barrel bushing.
    You must have a tightly fitted barrel bushing. There's trick to removing a tight bushing (if it's the ID of the bushing that is tight, and not the OD) without using a bushing wrench, retract the slide a 1/4"-1/2" and then turn the bushing. The toe of a magazine will depress the recoil spring cap, it will not help turning a tight bushing, ask anybody that has a tightly fitted 1911.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevy-SS View Post
    + 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been a shooter for many years, and I find the Ruger "Mark" pistol assembly process remarkably frustrating................

    bewildering that so many have trouble with the MK's......

    its just that you have to let the dinngy dangle at the right angle and than insert the round bolt firmly in the hole.

    ....its not something most men haven't done before---and with the lights off
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    My TCP for me. I have to use a butter knife to pry out the stupid pin. Then it takes like 10 mins and lots of swearing to get it back in. Man I always thought I wanted a Ruger mark, you guys prob just convinced me to go with something else, lol.
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    The Mark III is easy to take apart but the dickens to put back together. I have not cleaned mine in a long time because of that. I know I got to do it soon and I am dreading it. The bushing on the colt 1911 is no problem for me . I can turn it with my finger if I push the slide in just a little and press down on the bushing plug. The only problem I have with it is getting the slide release lever to go back in but I am getting better at it.

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    Here's a little Ruger Mk? re-assembly tip (your results may vary). After you push the mainspring housing pin back up into the upper receiver/bolt hole, flip the pistol upside down (so that the sights are level with and closest to the floor, mag well opening pointing skyward.), gravity will then position the strut at the right position to correctly enter the hollow mainspring housing. Snap the lever shut & hold your breath for the function check. It's always worked like a charm for me.
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    Ruger Mk. II, a freaking nightmare
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    NAA 380 Guardian. Slide removal blues, every time.

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    Ruger Mark I , and a 1911.
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    I can't believe all the complaints about the Ruger Marks! Sheesh, it's not THAT difficult, guys... not a Glock but it's not a Garand, either. I've got two and I'm looking to add a third. Besides, it doesn't need to be stripped much more than about every brick or so. If anyone is so totally upset with theirs, PM me and let's make a deal. Otherwise, get a pistol-length bore snake and a small toothbrush and that takes care of cleaning for the first 10,000 rounds or so.

    And the CW9? Line up the index marks, push out the slide stop, and the gun just about falls apart in your hands. Sharp edges, for sure, but hardly complex.

    My least favorite to field strip so far is the Garand, but that's mostly out of its newness to me and a few detail parts I haven't committed to visual memory yet. But I love and respect that gun so much, I just view that as the price of getting to know it without a drill instructor barking at me.
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    Browning Buck mark

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    Hi-Point JHP .45 ACP. Lock the slide open, use a 1/8 inch punch and a hammer to drive the pin out. When you remove the slide be sure you're holding it upright, or parts and pieces and springs will fall put. Actually, I was chastised once, and properly so, in a Hi-Point forum...you do not field-strip a Hi-Point, you disassemble it.

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    It would have to be my Savage model 64 semi-auto .22 rifle. It take a phillips screwdriver, 5/8" wrench (or socket and ratchet), and an allen wrench of a size that I can't recall. First time I took it apart and cleaned it, it took about 45 minutes to take it down as far as you're supposed to. And another 30 minutes each for cleaning and rebuilding.

    Next worst is my Remington 887. Not too difficult, just annoying.

    Easiest, by far, is my 1911. I can break it down, clean and reassemble it in less than 10 minutes if I'm just giving it a "been carrying and need to make sure it's lubed" going over. But, really getting down and cleaning it takes roughly 45 minutes. And, 44 of that is cleaning.

    Oh, those of you who do not like your Ruger MK'X' pistols, PM me and we can work out a deal that involves my cleaning it for you.
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    Good question. I think it would have to be my KT SU-16C. The breakdown design is very simple, but holy cow it can be the biggest pain in the butt to get it back together for some reason for me. I have to make sure I'm in a peaceful mood.
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