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Am I the only one who doesn't enjoy cleaning my guns?

This is a discussion on Am I the only one who doesn't enjoy cleaning my guns? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; i just bought some new lube....I can't wait to clean my EDC...

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Thread: Am I the only one who doesn't enjoy cleaning my guns?

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    i just bought some new lube....I can't wait to clean my EDC
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    I don't mind it to like it for the piece and quite. No one botthers me when I am cleaning my guns. However, my wife make me do it outside since the Hoppes #9 smell makes it hard to breathe for her (asthma). I live in Houston, TX, so in the summer, when I clean my guns on the back porch, my hands get so sweaty, that I can't I can barely hold on to the parts I am trying to clean let alone constantly getting the cleaned parts wet with my sweat.
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    The best time to clean a gun (or sharpen your knives) is when your daughter brings her new boyfriend home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder71 View Post
    I like it, for the most part... It's 'me' time, and if I get lucky my kids (4 and 6) will keep me company and ask questions. :)
    This is exactly how I introduced my son, who was 4 at the time, to guns and discussions about gun safety. His first range trip was at 6, by 12 he was making regular range trips with me, and we are still shooting together 14 years later. This has been a father-son activity we both enjoy, and he is now an NRA Life Member like me. I wouldn't take anything for the times we have spent together shooting, reloading, and yes, even cleaning!

    As far as do I enjoy cleaning, I kind of dread it in a way, but once I get into it I do enjoy it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miller_man View Post
    So I have finally had to admit to myself that I do not actually enjoy cleaning my guns. I do it, I do it well and often . . . but I don't enjoy it.
    Am I the only gun owner who is this way?

    I always read about everybody saying they "enjoy it" and all, guess I just don't have that feeling about it. I do like cleaning a NEW gun. Learning it inside and out, getting to see it all and how it works but once I've done it twice, its pretty much a chore to me every time after that. I think sometimes I am probably getting a little anal and too detailed about it. I have laid off a little lately on cleaning every surface to a shine. I have gotten to where I time myself and make it a goal to clean them as fast as possible, lol. Usually I try not to shoot more than two guns per outing so I don't have to spend an hour or two cleaning when I get home. Also I have decided to only clean my EDC everytime after shooting, all the others will get cleaned every other outing, unless it'll be sitting for weeks until shot again.

    So thats me. Any others like me out there?
    I did not enjoy it when it was apart of my job.

    I do enjoy it with my own personal guns.

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    Anyone ever try Sweet Shooter? Best bore treatment ever. I swear by it. On my 4th can!!!! NO more copper fouling!!!!!

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    I hate it - but I think that's because I'm new to it all. I've only had my current gun a couple months and yesterday was the first time I disassembled it without looking at the downloaded manual in ibooks. With time and practice I'm sure I'll get better at it, but I don't think I'll like it any more. Then again - I hate cleaning ANYTHING lol so it's not suprising I don't enjoy this either.
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    Nope...I don't like it but I clean my gun/guns EVERY time I shoot. I'm thinking about throwing the HK in the dishwasher...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaySkiBum View Post
    New guns are always "fun" the first couple range trips...but after a while it get's boring. I don't go crazy with the cleaning either, just get the worst junk out and make sure it's lubed. I only do an extra thorough cleaning every few range trips. Hell, my XD9 probably has had 100 rounds through it since I cleaned it last, mostly thanks to a couple mags of impromptu shooting here and there.
    You summed it up all to well my friend. Thats the way I usally do it.

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    If I don't break them down I do run a patch thru the barrel and give the works a quick swab. I haven't gotten up the nerve to break down my P89 yet. Scared I won't be able to get it back together.
    A quick solution to cleaning semi's and wheelguns is to drop the barrel and cylinder into the ultrasonic for a bit and loosen the junk before you start. The powder residue on the heel of the cylinder sucks getting clean. I do enjoy cleaning my guns. My life might very well depend on it.
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    I clean my guns after each outing and sometimes in between. If I am going to count on my gun to keep me and my family alive and safe I want to know I've done everthing I can to keep it in good working order. Besides the Army training in me won't let me shoot a dirty gun....

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    Quote Originally Posted by velo99 View Post
    My life might very well depend on it.
    If my life depends on my gun being clean, that's a gun I don't particularly want to own.

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    Cleaning your gun has two functions. 1. It cleans the gun. 2. It requires you to disassemble and reassemble the gun.

    Both functions are important. Especially with a weapon like a Ruger Mk II, the process can be tricky, it's something you might forget. The practice is worthwhile.

    Beyond that, the meditation space is a plus. You get to bring out your cleaning tools, arrange them, and perform the task at your own pace and desired level of care. You get to review safety procedures, and consider your own methodology of safe handling.

    Finally, when done, you wipe everything down and have confidence in your weapons. Can't imagine why anybody would dislike this aspect of being a gun owner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottM View Post
    If my life depends on my gun being clean, that's a gun I don't particularly want to own.
    Even so, it's a good idea to clean them as if it did.

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    Sometimes I think I spent 25% of my life cleaning weapons. No I do not enjoy it just something you live with. Some weapons do not require the cleaning they get. Good AR's only need a barrel cleaned every 500 rounds with good ammo and many experts say you do more damage cleaning them to often than firing them.
    I wish the old drill Sgt had heard that. Modern ammo is not what it use to be. My Gas piston AR's really stay clean compared to DI.
    I do not clean my Hand guns after every use only if it was heavy use or it will be a while before it is used again.
    I been around long enough to have lived with corrosive ammo. We cleaned weapon after firing first in barrels of hot soapy water then clean rinse dry CLP cleaning.
    Then we cleaned them everyday for 3 days after. If there was any kind of inspection or change of command coming we cleaned them again. Then back to the range and it started all over.

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