A question for you guys and gals out there. I recently got my hands on a Springfield EMP and like most people do, tried to clean it before range time. I could not get the spring plug to come out of the slide. I took a plastic hammer and gently tapped the plug out. Oiled and cleaned the gun then had a hard time getting the plug back in. Went to the range and had 300 perfect rounds go bang (except for four failure to fire on first try, UMC cheap stuff) then returned home to clean the gun. Again, the plug was hard to get out. I called a GunSmith friend of mine and he thought he might be as simple as a burr in the slide. I did see a burr on the plug itself and gently filed it down. The plug goes in easier, but not as it should be. It looks like the plug is actually two pieces and the front piece is a little off alignment wise. Any background with this out there?