First off, I am not affiliated with this group. Just a satisfied customer.
They make reproduction grips for a large array of older firearms.
I just purchased a pair for my 1910 Colt Police positive from them and they are fantastic.
They make their molds from actual grips. As a matter of fact if you have an older gun not listed with good grips, and you are willing to loan them yours for a period, while they copy them, they will give you a set of your choice for free. Even then, their prices are fantastic. My grips were only $31.95 and $10.95 for the hardware. A pretty good deal. Outside of the different material (originals are hard rubber, theirs are urethane plastic) they are very accurate reproductions. The turnaround was amazingly fast as well. I ordered mine Friday night (they got the order Monday morning), they went out Monday afternoon and I had them by Wednesday! Definitely worth checking out. They are also licensed by Colt but, also make for many other models as well.
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