Break Free a necessary evil

Break Free a necessary evil

This is a discussion on Break Free a necessary evil within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; While Break Free CLP is one of the best products out there for cleaning a gun, it also has the most vile smell of any ...

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Thread: Break Free a necessary evil

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    Break Free a necessary evil

    While Break Free CLP is one of the best products out there for cleaning a gun, it also has the most vile smell of any cleaning product except for muriatic acid. Generally, I only use Rem Oil during the indoor months, and wait until I can set up a table outdoors to give the guns a thorough cleaning in the spring. Anyone else share this view of Break Free as a mixed blessing?

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    Actually no..... I got so used to it in the Army that I grew to like the smell. If I could only get my wife to dab a little behind her ears for perfume.......
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    Never noticed the odor. I guess the Hoppes #9 covers it up. Try Gunzilla (odorless) or Froglube (minty).
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    I use Hoppe's #9 once a year to cover up any residual smell CLP might leave behind. Works better than AirWick solids.

    Never had a problem with the CLP smell, myself. Years of #9 cured me of much sensitivity, along those lines.
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    Break Free smells like roses compared to Ballistol.
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    Who remembers the "old" CLP in the military that smelled like bananas?
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    Never had a problem with CLP or Hoppes #9 but now those weapons grade “air fresheners” in the grocery stores are enough to gag.
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    I love the smell of CLP. Calming to the senses.
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    i love the smell of clp but I personally hate it for anything other than is the messiest, stickiest crap in the world in my opinion. It seepes into every crack and crevice of a firearms and continually seeps out .... not to mention that when I was in Iraq, it attracted dust like a magnet. I started using remington dri lube and have never looked back.
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    I actually don't have a problem with it. It doesn't smell all that bad to me and it does work well.

    Ahhh, I think I know what it is. The smell reminds you of an old girlfriend's dad the day you met him huh?
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    Breakfree CLP's smell kinda bothers me a bit too :( I hope I get used to it like a lot of the others here seem to have, or I will have to switch to something else, but it seems to me the one CLP everyone says is good.

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    I've had problems with almost all gun cleaners, including CLP Breakfree, pertaining to rust. Tried most of them, including Ezzox, and that biodegradable one as well. If you have sweaty palms or are in a humid environment...or have to carry your firearm in the rain and snowy weather...not many of them hold up well. The BEST thing I have found and have used it for YEARS is made by Slick 50 and called One Lube. It has properties that penetrate the metal and keep it coated, so that it does NOT rust and actually runs much smoother than the CLP Break Free. In very hot weather if carrying a 1911 model that's blued, it protects the finish. The magazines...keep in mind that penetrating oil will penetrate your primer and render it useless if too much is used, especially in the firing pin channel...I usually keep an old can of car wax...the hard waxy stuff around. If there are any rust spots on them, clean off with a #2 pencil eraser, flip around and lead them really good with the lead end, and either oil for storage or if carrying, I lightly wax them. When you are shooting the gun and hit the mag eject button, they fall out like a grease pig hit by lightning. If anyone can find a better product that does what this Slick 50 One Lube will do, that you can buy a BIG spray can at most auto parts stores for less than $5, please let me know. Here is a link if you want to know what it looks like now. The old version used be in a red can, black top with big black 1 on front. Slick 50 Amazon has the older can look here: Slick 50 43712012 Supercharged One Lube Lubricant and Protectant - 12 oz. : : Automotive Duralube, the engine oil additive company also makes a version like this: Dura Lube 12 oz All Purpose Lubricant & Protectant (Aerosol).

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    I've had great luck with GunZilla. It has a low odor, so indoor cleaning is very easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coondogger View Post
    While Break Free CLP is one of the best products out there for cleaning a gun, it also has the most vile smell of any cleaning product except for muriatic acid. Generally, I only use Rem Oil during the indoor months, and wait until I can set up a table outdoors to give the guns a thorough cleaning in the spring. Anyone else share this view of Break Free as a mixed blessing?
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    I clean my guns with a toothbrush, bore brush, Simple Green and hot water, dry them out and lube them with Slide Glide. All indoors with no odors.
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