I started using Froglube on my Glocks, then on other pistols and a shotgun - was very happy at how well it protected, how clean-up kept getting easier the more you used it, and how it smelled (really just a bonus).

I try to do something special with each of my kids every few weeks, getting some one-on-one time to talk and hang out. Yesterday I asked my youngest daughter what she wanted to do and she asked if we could go shooting. This is the first time that she has asked (she's usually willing to go with, but not as interested as the other kids). She likes the .22 rifle and pistol (both Ruger), but I always hate cleaning those two guns because they are a bit of a pain and .22's are just dirty.

Before we left I hit the two guns with the blow dryer and a little Froglube. When we got home (450 rounds split almost 50:50 between the Mark II and the 10/22) the two guns were as messy as usual. Normally I spray powder solvent a few times and then clean. The lead in the barrels usually takes some time to get out (I would rather let the chemicals do the work than do a lot of scrubbing).

So, again with the blow dryer and Froglube. I let them sit close to 24 hours. After dinner tonight I wiped them down, warmed them up, ran a couple of patches and the bore snake, and used a little more Froglube. This stuff easily dissolved the powder residue and lead, and I only spent 15-20 minutes per gun cleaning. Normally this takes 2-3 times longer and lasts at least a day more. And if history repeats itself, the next time I shoot and clean them it will be even easier.

Incredible stuff, and you don't need to use much of it. The only thing I need to know now is if it is good for rust protection for longer term storage. I don't see why it wouldn't be, and hopefully that turns out to be the case.

There aren't many cleaning products that I personally get excited about, but every experience so far has been excellent. The more I use it the more I find that I really like it. Just thought I would post this for anyone on the fence about whether or not to give it a shot. As an aside, the biggest difference is needing the blow dryer, and now I have a dedicated "gun cleaning" 1875 watt dryer that cost less that $10.