Always wear eye protection around guns

Always wear eye protection around guns

This is a discussion on Always wear eye protection around guns within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I was just putting back together a gun I got new yesterday, pushing the firing pin in with a punch and holding it down while ...

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Thread: Always wear eye protection around guns

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    Always wear eye protection around guns

    I was just putting back together a gun I got new yesterday, pushing the firing pin in with a punch and holding it down while trying to slide the firing pin stop in, when my hand slipped and the firing pin shot straight up... into my glasses.

    I always wear my polycarbonate glasses, so I rarely think about eye protection, but if I had not been wearing my glasses that pin would have hit me square in the eye. Don't forget your eye protection, even if you're just cleaning!
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    I flew with another FE at Altus who almost lost one eye when a grinding wheel exploded as he was grinding a piece on it; any type of eye protection is desirable no matter what you are doing.
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    Funny you should mention this. I was at the range this afternoon and fired a couple hundred rounds through my new glock 26 and my 19. I don't remember which one I was shooting when a brass flicked right straight back into my eye. Of course I was wearing eye protection but I'd never had such a perfect example of why we ALWAYS wear eye protection.
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    Definitely good advice. Several years ago I had a chip of aluminum get AROUND my safety glasses and under my eyelid while grinding. I managed to flush it out with water, but by then it had scratched up my cornea, so off to the clinic for an exam, prescription eye drops and 24 hours of pain.

    (This was in the first week of January; the plant safety manager informed me that I was the first reportable injury of the new year. I asked him if that meant I got a plaque or something. Those guys have no sense of humor.)

    Anyway, eye injuries are not a pleasant experience, and a catastrophic firearm failure could make that story seem like nothing. Worth the trouble to put on some glasses.
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    Decades ago, Winchester (I think), had a good print commercial. It showed this guys face pock marked with pellet holes, except around his eyes.

    He had been wearing winchester shooting glasses when he screwed up loading a shotshell, and had it go off. No question that he would have been blind had he not been wearing eye protection.

    UPDATE: I ran a search trying to find that ad I mentioned. I did not find it, but did find this one, which shows the same thing:
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