Humidity Control. What's the best way?

Humidity Control. What's the best way?

This is a discussion on Humidity Control. What's the best way? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I finally bought a gun safe and want to know what you guys are doing to control the humidity in your safes. I've used a ...

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Thread: Humidity Control. What's the best way?

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    Humidity Control. What's the best way?

    I finally bought a gun safe and want to know what you guys are doing to control the humidity in your safes. I've used a gun cabinet for years with no humidity control and have yet to have a problem with rust. The guns I frequently handle I keep wiped down with gun oil or silicon cloth and that has always done the trick for rust prevention. Guns I don't handle get the cloth once a year or so. Im no expert but I'm sure my new safe will be fairy air tight at least more so than my flimsy sheet metal cabinet so I'm concerned about humidity getting in and not being able to get out. I just ordered a new legit gun safe and want to do things right. I know the make humidity rods and also those decedent things. Do you all use one of those or combination of both? Just curious

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    I use desecant and an electric warming rod that keeps temp at 65-70 degrees and humidity at about 40-50 % depending on how much the desecant has absorbed. 40% after drying the desecant in the oven and closer to 50% when it needs to be dried again.

    Haven't had any rust issues, although I still keep my weapons wiped down with oil or a silicone cloth.
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    When I lived near the coast in California, I used a heating rod (Golden Rod) and it seemed to work well. Here in Utah, where I bought a larger safe, everyone just looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about a heating rod. We do have extremely low humidity, most days below 30% and during the summer not uncommon to be as low as 11%. I do use the reusable desiccant devices that you can plug into the wall just to be doubly sure. I run two and swap them out as they are dried before putting them back in the safe.

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    I use a dehumidifier set at 50% for the residence.
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    My safe has the heating rod only because my son paid for it. Dessicants turn pink overnight. Despite that, no issues with rust. I'd prefer to have the safe inside but it's too large.
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    I have a Golden Rod (heater) in my safe that works very well. I don't know what the humidity is in the safe but none of my guns have rusted in the hot humid Gulf Coast of AL.
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    I have a whole house dehumidifier where my safe is located that keeps the humidity at 40 to 50% and I also have a heater stick in the safe. No issues with rust so far.

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    I use a Golden Rod (heat rod) in my safe, which resides in my "safe room" which has a dehumidifier set to 45%.

    Zero issues. Even before this set up, with routine wipe-downs and re-lubing bores I never had an issue.

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    A GoldenRod dehumidifier, always plugged in; and a couple big (750g) cans of desiccant. Never had a problem with humidity, and this in a fairly rainy area with generally higher than average humidity. Overkill, I'm sure, but it's worked. That, plus never putting away damp guns or accessories until thoroughly dried.
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