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This is a discussion on Pistol Cleaning Advice within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Tetragun Spray Cleaner \ Light Lubricant to remove buildup. And then lubricate with Tetragun Lubricant \ Bore Conditioner, its slightly thicker than oil so stays ...

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Thread: Pistol Cleaning Advice

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    Tetragun Spray Cleaner \ Light Lubricant to remove buildup. And then lubricate with Tetragun Lubricant \ Bore Conditioner, its slightly thicker than oil so stays where you put it.

    Safe for use on my Para which has 3 different finishes
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    A third vote toward Gunzilla.

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    The answer to your question is endless. The bottom line is you will probably go through several different combinations before you find the one that is right for you. I service about 60-80 pistols a year plus shotguns and long guns for my department and I get the best results with Hoppes #9, gunk-out, followed with a blast of air from an air compressor. I use rem oil on all three types of weapons and have had no issues. As far as hurting the plastic, never had any issue.

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    Hoppe's 9 for the barrell and Remoil for the rest. Both can be found at Walmart.
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    Thumbs up Have you read this eHow guide on cleaning your Gun?

    Just found this guide on cleaning your gun, it covers pistols, shotgun and rifle hope it is of use:

    Gun Cleaning Guide on eHow.com


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    Any cleaning solution, when used improperly, can be harmful. Even Simple Green products were found harmful if mixed improperly (a big problem in the military). I use Hopp's products for cleaning and use them sparingly. Follow the directions and you, along with the environment, should be fine.
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    Hoppes9 for metal guns, Break-Free CLP for poly guns.

    I have the Outer's Foul-OutIII system for badly fouled bores, different chemicals for copper and lead. Works great.

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    I do clean a firearm after each use, no matter if it was only fired once.

    I'm still using Hoppe's No. 9 with perfect satisfaction over many years. It takes care of all my handgun, low velocity rifle, and .22 rim fire cleaning chores.,

    My high-power rifles see a regimen of bore soakings with Sweet's 7.62 bore solvent before being dried and swabbed with Hoppe's No. 9.

    All are lubricated with machine oil.

    All are stored with a thin coating of RIG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigStill View Post
    Is there simple, tried and proven, safe cleaning solutions?

    Quote Originally Posted by CraigStill View Post
    Of the thousands of cleaning kits, chemicals and proceedures, there HAS to one generally acceptated and proven method and chemical compisitaton that is safe and convenient for general purpose use for small arms cleaning.
    Everyone has their own methods, preferences, and procedures. I prefer Hoppes, military uses CLP, and then there are the posts above...all work well. Borrow any of the above, and you'll be fine. I have been cautioned in the past about using WD-40--and it's ability to be wiped away and excess seeping into rounds, affecting the primers, causing them to fail to fire. YMMV
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    I appreciate all the input. At least you all have narrowed it down to a few optons as opposed to a few hundred options.

    Consider this, case closed, and my utmost appreciton for the input.


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