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How do you lubricate your carry gun?

This is a discussion on How do you lubricate your carry gun? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I use Slide-Glide Lite and Remington spray with Teflon.....

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  • CLP

    95 32.53%
  • Other synthetic oils

    128 43.84%
  • Grease

    47 16.10%
  • Dry lubricants

    13 4.45%
  • Bone dry

    9 3.08%
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Thread: How do you lubricate your carry gun?

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    I use Slide-Glide Lite and Remington spray with Teflon..
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    After a bunch of research I use Marvel Mystery Oil.
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    Grease. The glock loves it
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    Mobile 1.

    Evidently a lot of lubes work well, so I wonder if we are not too focused on a particular lube that the manufacturer claims is a miracle lube.

    The first lube I ever used was 3 in 1 machine oil. Then in the military I used the mil lubes. Subsequently, I have used the miracle lubes, but never found them better than anything else. I finally settled on Mobile 1, although I have a bottle of FP10, and will also use it till it is gone.

    I stopped using grease on the rails several years ago, and find that with oil I get less gunk to clean.
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    EEZOX for cleaning and lubricating.

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    I answered grease, though technically that's not the entire answer. I use a combination cleaner and dry lubricant (formerly Prolix, now Gunzilla) to clean the whole gun, then I use Brian Enos's Slide Glide on the rails and a couple of other contact points...
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    CLP - If it's a particularly hot day and I'll be outside for most of it, grease gets the nod. It doesn't run when it's hot.

    I use a 1911, which was designed back in an era of motor oil, axle grease, 3-in-1 oil, and candle was as being some of the only common lubes around. It runs on all of the lubes I've ever tried. My preference is partially based off of performance, as all of my lubes have high shear strengths - however, my biggest reasoning is ease of application. How it stays in place, how well it flows along a crevice, and if it has a pin point applicator or not.
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    A little Superglue along the slide rails...

    Tightens things up tremendously.

    I still like machine oil for most applications.

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    Weapon Shield after getting a sample about a year and a half ago. Threw away everything else. Makes everything feel smoother, easier. Everything cleans much easier and faster. Better protectant than silicon. NO stink. Non toxic. I was thinking about trying Gunzilla, but I just got a sixteen oz. bottle of WS and it goes a loooong way.

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    I wasn't sure how to vote because I don't know what my lubes are made from...
    Shooter's Choice all weather grease and FP-10

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulfixinman View Post
    After a bunch of research I use Marvel Mystery Oil.
    used to use that out on the rigs
    may have to give it a try on my firearms too

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    Gunzilla & only Gunzilla.

    And here's why: test
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulfixinman View Post
    After a bunch of research I use Marvel Mystery Oil.
    I've used Marvel Mystery Oil for over 40 yrs. as a fuel stabilizer & upper cylinder lube in all my vehicles,wonderful stuff. I've thought about using it as a lubricant for my guns. I'd like to know what research you found to convince you to use it for gun cleaning & maintenance.

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