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How do you lubricate your carry gun?

This is a discussion on How do you lubricate your carry gun? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by drs1457 Weapon Shield. They sent me a free sample which turned out to be a full sized tube with syringe. +1. I ...

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Thread: How do you lubricate your carry gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drs1457 View Post
    Weapon Shield. They sent me a free sample which turned out to be a full sized tube with syringe.
    +1. I too received a sample today and I used it on my Taurus PT145. I have been using Gunzilla to clean it and thta has been working wonders. Today I lubed up with Weapon Shield and WOW!!! I don't know if it is the combination or what but I cannot tell you how smooth this is. It is REALLY amazing!!!
    All of my guns are cleaned with Gunzilla, so I am thinking that they all will have an amazing change.
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    MD Labs XF-7 grease with a very light top coat of Slip 2000 EWL oil.
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    You're supposed to lube these things?
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    I don't know if it is a good or bad practice, but for the Glocks, I'll use what ever gun oil I have (if that is CPL on a given day, I'll use CPL). In a way, they are my test guns.

    I'm a little more careful for my light weight snub, I only use CPL. I think some things can damage the aluminum. I'm a creature of habit, and if it works, and I think there is a need to be careful, it takes a lot to change.

    I don't use CPL on my hunting rifles, and I'm not sure why. Think it comes down to them being my father's firearms, and I feel the need to use what he did on them.
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    nostalgic, I can dig it!

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    Weapon Shield is all I use
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    [QUOTE=lacrosse50;1003479]I've got whatever lube came with the Hoppes cleaning kit I bought. QUOTE]

    I've been retired about 10 years now and for most of that time the one gun I owned got fired rarely and cleaned using Hoppes #9 solvent and Hoppes oil as taught in the USMC back in the late '60"s. When you all discuss gunzilla, cpl, and others, I don't have any idea what you're talking about. I read the test on that gunzilla thing and it sounded impressive. Can someone give me an enlightened rundown on some of these cleaning and lube items? I'm back into shooting now and purchased a couple new guns (239 & g26) and want to service them as best as I can. Is it time to give up the old Hoppes treatment?
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    Weaponshield w/needle applicator for anything round and Shooters Choice grease for slides. Wipe down the exterior surfaces with CLP.
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    Militec1... if I don't have that, a very small amount of CLP or 10w40.
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    militec-1 for me too. Tried clp and some others but went back to militec.

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