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This is a discussion on Dishwasher? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Are you kidding me?! I have a problem with not getting soap residue all over my dishes and I use Jet Dry to. I could ...

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Thread: Dishwasher?

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    Are you kidding me?! I have a problem with not getting soap residue all over my dishes and I use Jet Dry to. I could not imagine putting a gun in there and then trying to clean the gun from all of the detergant residue. what a nightmere. However, if you had a dishwasher, new, and you were only going to use it for that purpose you MIGHT be able to rig something up using pressurized gun solvant, that might be a danger on its own, with a finisher of gun oil. Just make sure the oil and the solvant drain seperate so you can re-use.
    If you do invent something of an automatic gun cleaner we all want 50% off for participating in this thread.

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    Although, one of those $300 sonic gun cleaners is probably still better than a custom built turbo dishwasher. :D

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    Did three T.O.D's with a G21,G26,hot water bath,and no lube,worked everytime.Lube+Sand=bad news.

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    I would just recommend doing it the old fashioned way. Better for the gun in my opinion.

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    Gun cleaning in a dishwasher is a daft idea.
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    Don't think I'd try the dishwasher idea, but there were many times in SE Asia when we went on "shower patrol". It was supposed to be against Army regulations, but there was no other choice when a squad came back totally browned-out (walking mud-balls with only white eyes showing). Rifles and 1911's were so covered and full of mud that no choice remained but total immersion to clean all the mud and "stuff" (stuff from rice paddies which is NOT mud) completely out.

    The way around Army regs was to go on "patrol" since we were in a combat zone. Looks a little odd for a bunch of naked GI's informally marching into the shower tent with rifles slung and 1911's in hand in case we were attacked while showering. After we washed the mud off ourselves, then the weapons were field-stripped and hosed out thoroughly as well since it gets all of the dirt and grit washed out of the action better than all the wiping and WD-40 spraying in the world can do. You'd have to rip 'em apart to every component and spend hours cleaning all the "stuff" out anyway, so doing that after shower patrol was just to dry off all the parts and lube 'em up again in much less time.

    I've been on a few hunting trips that ended up with a rifle or pistol gettin nasty enough to do "shower patrol" on them as well, but I tell the wife beforehand now just to save a lot of humiliation. First time I just took my Ruger #1 into the shower while she was cooking dinner, and she finally came into the bathroom to ask what was taking me so long in the shower. I simply said "I'm cleaning my weapon" - she smirked "something that small shouldn't take more than 10 seconds and a Q-Tip" (she's always been a smartazz)
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    I am going to get hate mail for this but here it goes. There is no need to use soap and water to clean weapon today. Unless you drop it in the mud or are firing corrosive powder and primers.
    In the past we had corrosive ammo and primers. Oil and solvent did not work well removing it. Weapons stripped wash in hot soapy water and rinsed.
    We dry them and the cleaned and oil them, we then cleaned and oiled them the next 3 days to ensure no damage (no soap and water). At first when the corrosive powder went away, we mistakenly we told the primers would not be a problem. That turn out to be wrong so we went back to soap and water until they changed the primers also.
    Today just clean it with CLP, gun solv and or the oil of your choice forget the maytag.

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    only if you use a rinse agent; water spots on a glock look so horrible

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I cleaned my black powder rifle in the kitchen sink once. Old Bessy was ordered outside after that. SWMBO MBO.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
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    I just call Estelle Getty to come over and wash them for me, like she did for Stallone in "Stop or my Mom will Shoot". "This is the way we wash our gun"

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    I wash mine with an old washboard...

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    With the title of the thread I thought you were showing us a picture of your wife

    Just kidding I wouldn't try it
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