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Gun Lubrication...Your Method?

This is a discussion on Gun Lubrication...Your Method? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Clean with Blue Wonder, run a few clean patches through, then run a lightly oiled patch, followed by a clean patch. This is on a ...

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Thread: Gun Lubrication...Your Method?

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    Clean with Blue Wonder, run a few clean patches through, then run a lightly oiled
    patch, followed by a clean patch. This is on a stainless steel gun.
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    I take everything down, clean with a good gun cleaner (usually Hoppes), give moving contact parts a light oiling (Ox-Yoke Best Dam Gunoil) and I wipe the outside down with a light coating of RIG gun grease to protect the metal parts from rust from moisture.
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    Glock: CLP the action and let it sit while I clean the barrel with CLP, brass brush and swabs.

    When the barrel is clean, swab and Q-tip out the excess CLP from the action. Place a drop of oil on each slide rail and let the slide sit on end. Gravity does the rest.

    1911: Same but give action a hit of CLP after cleaning. Oil moving parts. Keep it wet.
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    I grease the rails with Lubriplate white grease. Oil the small pivot parts with Weapon Shield and wipe the poly frames down with a rag saturated with food grade silicone. On the rifles I use a sewing machine oil (I bought a gallon of it a few years ago and judging by my current rate of consumption I will be using the same gallon for the next 20 years or so). It is very thin and light but sticks to the parts nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chambered View Post
    everyone has their own way, I don't think one is right or wrong just different.
    I actually have one that I'm not cleaning right now to see where the point is that the "build-up" effects the function of it. 500 rounds and no problems.
    +1 It can be a little trial-and-error and depends on what type and model of firearm is being oiled.

    For example, my XD gets oiled differently than my CZ P-07.

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    I use Remington's Dri-Lube as the finish lubrication, it leaves behind a dry Teflon coating and it seams to work well in any weather. As a cleaner, I use good old Hoppes, just like my dear old Pa did. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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