Pocket Carry: Canned Air, Works Great!

Pocket Carry: Canned Air, Works Great!

This is a discussion on Pocket Carry: Canned Air, Works Great! within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; All you pocket carriers out there, you and I know that after a few days in the pocket, your little pieces tend to get all ...

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Thread: Pocket Carry: Canned Air, Works Great!

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    Pocket Carry: Canned Air, Works Great!

    All you pocket carriers out there, you and I know that after a few days in the pocket, your little pieces tend to get all gummed up with lint if you're not careful. Why not use a can of that air that is sold for dusting off computers and keyboards and such?

    I've always had these on hand for my computers and thought they would work for blasting the lint away from all those nooks and crannies of a pocket pistol as well:

    Gave my NAA PUG a couple of blasts and all the lint and whatever is gone. I'm going to do it now on a daily basis.
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    It's my most used 'tool'. I usually buy them in the large 2-pack. A must have.
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    Already part of my gun cleaning kit...
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    Sounds good. Thanks.

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    The stuff you show in the pic is pretty good. I went to Staples and purchased their own Staples brand and it had way to much water in it.


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    When I read the subject I thought you were going to say something about "blowing away" bad guys by spraying compressed air at them. I'm not sure if I'm relieved now or disappointed.

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    I spray the fuzzies off my 442 before I wipe it down.
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    Definitely a useful tool in the kit. Have been doing this for years.
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    Yep, do it myself. Will push extra solvents out of nooks and crannies allowing for a good wipe down in addition to removing lint from patches or cloths that might be lurking in there. Can pick up cans of this or other brands from just about any Sam's, Costco, or Office Store.
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