Kel Tec springs breaking

Kel Tec springs breaking

This is a discussion on Kel Tec springs breaking within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I have heard a lot of KT owners have problems with certain springs breaking. I own a KT .32 for a back up carry gun. ...

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Thread: Kel Tec springs breaking

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    Kel Tec springs breaking

    I have heard a lot of KT owners have problems
    with certain springs breaking. I own a KT .32 for a
    back up carry gun. I bought it 5 years ago and keep a round
    in the chamber at all times unless I am cleaning it.
    If a spring breaks can it discharge a round. I know pistols have transfer bar safeties but was just curious if breaking springs
    could be a danger?
    Should I replace the springs since it is 5 years old?

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    I would call Kel Tec just to be certain, but there is websites devoted to KT that chronicle torture tests being done on them of up to 10,000rnds. Never read of "any" spring breakages. Did see that the plastic slide pins could break & smart move is to replace them with available stainless steel pins. If you order an $11 clip-draw from KT (that's a clip like a knife clip allowing you to clip it in your waistband-almost total concealment, or pocket) it will have a metal pin that replaces the plastic one and holds it in place. I would probably get the black color over stainless steel (too shiny-screams knife!) because of it blending in and making it more invisible. I got a P11 for girlfriend (she's gone, but still has it and it's still going) and my buddy has P11 used to qualify & work security with. Fired about 500rnds so far with no problem. Those short guns don't like heavy bullets...the 147grn in 9mm won't allow the gun to recoil fast enough to cycle the slide and can cause a jam up the feedramp. If you're breaking springs....what the heck are u shooting in the gun? Hopefully not full power loads or +P stuff. Only gun I've heard of that the factory actually said would be alright to shoot the +P+ was that (we call it the Planet of the Apes gun) Hi-Point product. My friend had the rifle...mediocre accuracy..but the compact 9mm (limited to 8 rnds and little heavy duty) was absolutely 10 ring dead-on. He had two, and experience some jams...was told it was the 147grn bullets. They said sure you can shoot high power loads-they are beefed up. For a $100 gun it really cut some nice holes. His wife shot it very well too. Never had another jam/failure with other ammo. Short barrels don't like heavy bullets.
    Please let me know of any problems/what happens. I'm thinking of getting
    another P11 for "pocket" carry. The Ruger SP101 & LCR are good for concealed too, but you could buy 2 of the Kel Tec's and keep the spare where-ever needed.

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    Both of mine work fine and I haven't had any problems. Then again, they aren't 5 years old. Their is a Kel-Tec owners group at KTOG.Org - Kel-Tec Owners Group where you could join and ask specifics. A lot of good info.
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