Lubrication..How Often?

Lubrication..How Often?

This is a discussion on Lubrication..How Often? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Cleaning and lubricating a gun after shooting is common practice. How about " just lubrication" , when the gun has not been fired for a ...

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Thread: Lubrication..How Often?

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    Lubrication..How Often?

    Cleaning and lubricating a gun after shooting is common practice. How about "just lubrication", when the gun has not been fired for a long period of time sitting in a drawer, or stored for months, even years? I live in the desert where it's always very dry (average humidity is 9%) so rust and corrosion from the elements, especially in house, are almost nonexistent. My carry gun gets lubricated (patch through the barrel & wipe down) once a month due to principle, my stored guns maybe twice a year, need it or not. I've never had a handgun or rifle that didn't perform flawlessly practicing this routine, nor have any of them ever experienced a speck of rust or any sign of corrosion. What is your maintenance routine? Please share.

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    I will sometimes grab a gun from the safe that has not gone to the range with me in a while and break it down with the others that have just come back from the range and wipe down and lube it.

    It's not like I have a huge pistol collection to worry about though...
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    For me, a minimum of every six months any unfired guns come out of the safe for a little TLC. They get a wipe down and relubed as needes. Some lubricants tend to attract dust, that could become a problem.
    I like to keep my guns spotless, a tiny fingerprint on the finish bothers me. Hubby tells me if I kept the house as clean as I do the guns, he would come home and think he was in the wrong house
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I will sometimes grab a gun from the safe that has not gone to the range with me in a while and break it down with the others that have just come back from the range and wipe down and lube it.
    I do this, or do a disassy/lubing at the range just before it gets used.

    Ones that are in use frequently get lubed at least once a month; the carry unit, generally more frequently or as dust/gunge is apparent.
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    After every range trip! I don't own alot of firearms so when we goto the range as a family we shot all of them and then when we are back home we clean and lub the firearms as a family!
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    Living in Florida we have a high humidity. For that reason my gun safe has a dehumidifier in it.

    My two carry pistols get taken to the range once a month and cleaned upon returning to the house.

    Pistols, rifles, and shotguns I don’t use much that are stored in the safe are number removed and cleaned, unless I am putting them into service.

    My three home defense weapons don’t get shot much, but since they are out in the humidity they get cleaned and lubed a couple times a year.

    I’ve had hunting rifles stored in the safe for over 7 years, and when I took them out they were like new, and ready to go. However, I still broke them down and gave them a good cleaning, before taking them to the range, to make sure they were still zeroed in.

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    My G23 gets a wipe down every day with a silicone cloth. I do a detailed cleaning after every trip to the range.

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    Subject was discussed just last night on the Outdoor Channel (American Guardian?) by Sheriff Jim Wilson. He suggests (for CCWs) after every range trip or 30 days (whichever comes first); exchange a new & unload/rest the old mag, brush the bore, (lightly) lube bore & wear-points, wipe down the exterior. I think he lives in the arid Southwest as well.
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