Glock Trijicon Sight Removal

Glock Trijicon Sight Removal

This is a discussion on Glock Trijicon Sight Removal within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Ok, I've scoured the internet looking about this....My G-23 has factory installed Trijicon Night Sights, which I want to replace with a pair of XS ...

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Thread: Glock Trijicon Sight Removal

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    Glock Trijicon Sight Removal


    I've scoured the internet looking about this....My G-23 has factory installed Trijicon Night Sights, which I want to replace with a pair of XS Big Dots. The Trijicons are leaving and the Big Dots are going on...that's not the issue. The issue is that since the sights were installed at the factory they were pressed / staked on. I'm not concerned about re-using the sights, they are 11 years old. They do not have a screw, the front is pressed / staked as well.

    There are 3 methods I've found for people that have removed them:

    A: Take a pair a pliers and twist pull until something gives, my least favorite option since I run the risk of marring the slide or otherwise causing damage.

    B: Use some sort of punch pin to drive out the sight from the bottom, seems the best way to go but I've not read / seen of anyone being successful in doing it since it was put in with a hydraulic press I doubt a small hammer and a pin punch are gonna cut it.

    C: Take said gun with said new sights to gunsmithery and ogle the goods while he takes it in the back and makes it happen.

    I feel confident in putting on the XS sights but am just worried about getting off the old ones.

    What say you?
    And if the answer is "C", Who do you suggest in the Raleigh, NC area?

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    Here is a good installation video that should answer your questions. I changed out my G17 night sights with the Big Dot without any problems.

    XS Sight Systems - Installation Videos
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    If your Trijicon front sight is peened or crimped in and it sounds as though it is, you will need a cutting punch, a hammer and a bench block. Carefully peen or cut the bent metal of the front sight that is on the INSIDE of the slide. Work slowly and bend/cut it toward the center of the front sight until the front sight can be pulled up and out of the slide. Then install the XS front sight as per instructions. This sounds like more work than it really is. Just work slowly so you avoid damaging the slide. The sight is made of much softer metal than the slide so the above steps are easy to do.
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    I've found the following method effective, especially if you're trashing the old sights. First securely clamp the slide in a padded, non marring vice. Using a hack saw, preferably with a new blade, slowly cut the sight from left to right (not front to rear). When you're 95%-98% through, knock it out with a punch. It will snap and slide out.
    The sight channel may need cleaning up with a file if the old sights were peened in. Take your time, be patient.
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    I'd let my gun shop do the work. Most likely I would have purchased the new sights from them...they do the work at no extra charge...but they always treat me very well anyways.
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