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Whats in your cleaning kit?

This is a discussion on Whats in your cleaning kit? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Have most things others have mentioned but add in pipe cleaners, great for cleaning AR bolt carriers and doubled-up do a good job of cleaning ...

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Thread: Whats in your cleaning kit?

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    Have most things others have mentioned but add in pipe cleaners, great for cleaning AR bolt carriers and doubled-up do a good job of cleaning and lubing firing pin channels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro2A View Post
    What cleaning items; both traditional and makeshift do you have and use while cleaning your guns? How do you store them? Do you have a bench, or just use a table some ol' place in your house?

    As for me I have a craftsman hand carried tool chest that can be opened up and the tray taken out. In the bottom I have a few old washcloths/rags to wipe parts down and to oil them up. I also keep and old towel to lay out on the table I'm cleaning on. I also keep my oil, gun cleaner and a regular air can down there too. I find the air can handy for dust bunnies

    In addition I have most gun cleaning "kits" with copper brushes and rods for multiple calibers, rifles, shotguns and handguns respectively. I keep a few green brilo pads and an old toothbrush for scrubbing gunk and carbon. Lastly I have a dental pick. I find it handy for scraping away the carbon buildup around the extractor.

    I keep a Philips head an a flat head screw driver, an ice pick with the end filed down for picky springs, slide stops and other annoying pins that wont budge (especially for the SKS trigger housing ) a hammer, a pair of needle nose pliers and a small pocket knife.

    How about you guys?
    Just about the same plus some canned 'air' to clean and dry out parts.
    Used to have several clearners, but not it's just Gunzilla.
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    q-tips, pipe cleaners, m16 toothbrush, patches, hoppies #9, oil, grease, brushes, rods, and all of the normal stuff that you need in an old fishing tackle box.
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    Old toothbrush,q-tips, Hoppes solvent, a "universal" kit from WW. a bore snake for each of my shot gun, pistols and rifles. I also have a small "travel" squeeze bottle I got from WW, I filled with Mobil 1 and use it in my high friction areas on my auto pistols...applied with a q-tip.
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    I keep most of the usual stuff. One no one else mentioned. An old fashioned shave brush will put preservative grease like RIG universal in places you just can't otherwise reach.

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    I have everything mentioned here including Gunzilla. My wife made me clean my guns outside until I switched. I included a set of picks I got at Lowes.

    I keep all of this stuff in a fishing tackle box.

    I also have a couple of different sizes of hemostats which help me clean in the hard to reach places.
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    I use to have a ton of cleaning gear then I got feed up packing for the range one day and got one of the Otis elite kits. It does rifles .17 to .50 caliber, pistols .17 to .50 caliber, shotguns .410 to 12/10 gauge, and all in-line muzzle loaders.
    So far its does a great job, covers everything I have and want to get, and came with a small pouch to pack for the range.
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    GP brush, bore snakes (.22/.223, .40, 9mm, .30-06, 12ga), Q-tips, oil, solvent
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post


    I am there with you on this one. Gunzilla is all I'll use!
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    One piece rod, Brass bore brush, Old cotton tee shirt, q tips, plastic tooth brush, 1.9 oz bottle of Gunzilla..
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    I have most of the usual stuff...I get the long q-tips from Brownells, and I have been using slip2000 on my guns here lately and like how it works for me.

    My tackle box was getting too full, so I bought a gun cleaning box from Cabella's last year, and it is just the right size for all my cleaning gear.

    Haven't tried blue wonder or gunzilla yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    I also have a small "travel" squeeze bottle I got from WW, I filled with Mobil 1 and use it in my high friction areas on my auto pistols...applied with a q-tip.
    Mobil 1 oil huh...that's a good idea, that's what I put in the jeep motor and I use there grease for the zirk fittings, are you talking about there tube grease or motor oil? Where are you putting it? on the slide rails? Anyone see a problem with using synthetic auto grease?
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    Hoppes Elite, Simple Green, old t-shirts cut up into various sizes, a one piece plastic coated rod, brushes and picks, a couple of Bore Snakes and a bottle of Sweets. All in a small Tupperware type container. I'm single, so I can use the kitchen counter to clean on.

    Almost forgot, a spray can of non chlorinated brake cleaner. You can get it for $1.49 anywhere vs. almost $10.00 for Gun Scrubber.

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    boresnake, old toothbrush, oil, WD40, Simple Green, brake cleaner, etc.

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