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Whats in your cleaning kit?

This is a discussion on Whats in your cleaning kit? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I see many people mention using old t-shirts as cleaning rags and have a few questions about them as I will be joining the fold ...

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Thread: Whats in your cleaning kit?

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    I see many people mention using old t-shirts as cleaning rags and have a few questions about them as I will be joining the fold in the near future:

    Some people mention cutting them up into strips of varying size.
    a. what all do you use the strips for?
    b. are we talking small like cleaning patches or long, wide strips? what are the various uses for each size?
    c. does everyone cut them up and just not mention it, or do some folks leave their shirts whole?

    I saw someone mention using a black shirt so you cannot tell it's dirty. Joking (if there was any) aside,
    a. do you/how often do you clean said shirt patches?
    b. what do you wash them in? any concerns with cleaning detergent residue on the cloth causing damage/leading to corrosion of gun parts (metal or plastic)?


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    I use gunzilla to clean and q-tips to apply grease to slide rails after cleaning,took gunzilla to the range yesterday to clean a couple of my friends guns that needed it bad,a coupla squirts of gunzilla and running a boresnake thru a few times and his barrels looked like factory new
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    I deep 6-8 of various types of dental picks around. My dentist is a shooter and will give me a handful of his used picks when I ask. They are great for getting into tight places of guns, holding small parts in place in guns and reloaders.

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    -dental picks
    -pipe cleaners
    -bore brush
    -gun patches
    -bore swab
    -cleaning rod tip
    -cleaning rod
    -oiled wipes from CLP
    -Hoppes gun solvent
    -magazine brush
    -silicone coated rag (the final touch)
    -touchup bluing pen
    -permanent marker to make the touchup bluing last
    -CLP oil bottle
    -CLP spray oil bottle
    -cotton swabs
    -bench rest for rifle/shotgun cleaning
    -needlenose pliers (for removing the extractor pin off the bolt of my rifle)
    -bore light
    -screwdriver (for removing the baseplate off the magazine)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post

    Same here, so my list is
    1. Bores snakes in appropriate calibers
    2. micro fiber rags
    3. patches
    4. dental picks
    5. pipe cleaners
    6. Q-tips
    7. brushes
    8. nylon & brass bore brushes
    9. cleaning rod
    10. assorted jags
    11. Gunzilla saturated micro fiber rag. Rag used to wipe off excess Gunzilla, saved from repeated cleaning. Re used for final wipe down (Ram Rod suggestion)
    12. bench rest
    13. assorted tools pliers screw drivers, punches

    and of course Gunzilla to clean, lubricate and protect
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