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Corrosion X

This is a discussion on Corrosion X within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Went to the range today and was in need of CLP and carbon remover. My setup is Hoppes 9 and Ezzox clp. The guy at ...

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    Question Corrosion X

    Went to the range today and was in need of CLP and carbon remover. My setup is Hoppes 9 and Ezzox clp. The guy at the front, who's a Glock armorer and really stood by Corrosion X, nothing more. Being skeptical, I brought up points of separate cleaners/lubricants being better in their purpose than one all in one product, but he stood by it. So for only 6 bucks per liquid, 15 for aresol, I got the bottle and decide for myself. I'm going to post a review once I'm done cleaning my gun. Anyone heard of this stuff?

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    Yes, I use it for everything. I clean and lube my guns with it, I use it for penetrating corroded anything, spray the tops and connections on my car/truck batteries, electrical sockets, connections, or any thing I don't want to rust or corrode. I use it on air operated tools too. If you go to their web site they have much information on it. Look for their power-point show on it where they have a working TV imersed in it.

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    I have been using their 'RejeX' product for a decade.
    I have a big bottle of it at my home and it works _EXCELLENT_ for it's own specific purpose.
    So well I long ago stopped using anything else.

    I've known about the Corrosion X product they also sell but have not experimented with it.
    This is the first time ever I've seen mention of it at a gunfu forum and it is the first time in nearly eight years that I've heard any mention what so ever toward this relatively obscure company and it's product line.

    RejeX: Nothing Sticks but the Shine!

    - Janq uses Gunzilla
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    I've seen Corrosion X do some real magic. When they started issuing it at work for breaking down the corrosion on lugs in phone terminals, especially near salt water, I was really amazed. I found an old padlock to our rear gate that had been 'missing' for better than 6mos. By missing, I mean totally buried. And what's more, it was locked. Beat as much dirt out of it as I could, and soaked for 24 hrs, blew it out w keyboard aerosol cleaner, and it opened up.
    Since then, I've used it in all my firearms applications. Love it.


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