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What do you clean on?

This is a discussion on What do you clean on? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I have a small dedicated work bench in the garage with a large 2'x3' rubber pad covered with a section of carpet material....

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Thread: What do you clean on?

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    I have a small dedicated work bench in the garage with a large 2'x3' rubber pad covered with a section of carpet material.
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    I live in an apartment, so I have a combo workbench/PC repair table in my home office. I shut the door, open a window, flip the fan around to exhaust the fumes, and break out my extra big Kleen Bore cleaning mat, and some old towels, along with all my cleaning supplies.

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    I use an old table cloth that has a plastic surface on it. Cheap thing, probably a couple bucks a Kmart years ago that we used on the patio table when we ate out on the patio. I use it upside down, so the plastic side is underneath and the soft felt-like surface is up. The soft side absorbs the lube/solvent drips and the plastic side keeps them from getting through to the table. Same concept as a gun mat except I already had this on hand.

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    What do you clean on?

    Newspaper, on the floor, table, or tailgate of the truck as turns my fancy at the time. Sometimes a parsons table in front of the fireplace.

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    Old Bath towel

    I usually put down a few layers of newspaper, although with the paper only coming three times a week its getting harder to keep some handy. Then I put down an old bath towel, folded in about three layers. I use the dinning room table, as the misses is usually at work when I do this.

    I have started using Gunzilla as my cleaner of choice. It seems to work well, and the smell doesn't linger as long as Hoppe's.

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    i save the low cut boxes bottled water comes in and drop a few layers of newspaper in the bottom to absorb the mess...the beauty is if you drop something its in the box and easy to find...dirty patches and rags are left in the box and it all rolls up into a nice tidy package for the trash barrel....mama doesnt mind cause her kitchen table stays clean and oil free...

    when i'm gonna hose something down real good i use the cheap foil baking/roasting pans you buy at the dollar store...and they get thrown away or cleaned and reused depending on the mess and my mood...

    i like the shamwow idea...i have a source at the local flee market that gets the identical item in the big sheets in bulk and sells them for a dollar apiece...kinda blows the whole shamwow $20 package deal all to heck...

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    Actually I went to a plumbing wholesaler and got a roll of 3/16" rubber gasket material and cut it to fit my workbench that I built; Then I got a quart of weldwood contact cement and coated the gasket material and the top of the workbench, glueing it to the bench as I went. The material is impervious to just about any chemicals and provides an excellent non-slip surface for my guns or whatever I put on it.....
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    I use a gun mat or old towels.

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    I've been using just a section of cardboard box to protect the table. I would like one of those sham-wows though!

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    Newspapers on a folding table. I need something better for the rifles, but perfect for the pistols.
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