Is this most definitely broke?

Is this most definitely broke?

This is a discussion on Is this most definitely broke? within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Alright, here is my initial disclaimer: I know how stupid my mistakes were and how much my impatience has potentially cost me. I don't need ...

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Thread: Is this most definitely broke?

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    Is this most definitely broke?

    Alright, here is my initial disclaimer:

    I know how stupid my mistakes were and how much my impatience has potentially cost me. I don't need a lecture on why I shouldn't have done the things that I did, I just want to explain the comedy of errors to determine if the problems can be fixed, or if I now have a $350 paperweight.

    Alright, so I recently purchased a Kel-Tec PF9. A buddy of mine gave me some dummy rounds made from empty spent brass and bullets. I didn't check compatibility initially, I just went on the advice of a friend that has alot more firearm experience than me. I loaded one as a snap cap, and the slide locked in a near-battery position. After fighting with it for several hours, and attempting to knock out the stuck dummy round with a dowel (which splintered, compounding the problem) I had the epiphany to remove the extractor because that is what was locking the slide up. It worked and I was able to lock the slide back, in the hopes that I could get a firm grip on the end of the case and yank it out. No dice. Then I thought, field strip it, and use a cleaning rod to knock out the brass from the barrel. Well, for some reason, the slide would not come off. I think it had something to do with the case being slightly out of the chamber and keeping the slide from moving completely forward.

    Well, here was probably my biggest mistake, and this is the one I am most worried about fixing. I forgot to put the assembly pin back in before trying to knock the case out again. I went to knocking on the case and got it to move a fraction of a millimeter, but not without knocking the barrel PAST the slide stop, and now it's locked there.

    Here is my question...

    Can a competant gunsmith fix this, or am I SOL. Using the "reloaded" ammo in the pf9 supposedly should void my warranty.

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    Um... just about anything can be fixed.

    What do you mean about compatibility? did he give you a 9X21 round or something?

    A gunsmith could probably get you fixed but since its not a real snap cap its sketchy since it looks like a live round theres no way of knowing for sure unless lacking a primer and its visable.

    Pictures would help.

    If you still have the takedown pin out then leave it out. Try to get the round horizontal to the slide don't try to extract it yet. When you do then try to ease the barrel back into position. Try to get the slide off. If you are able to get it stripped then try to take the barrel out of the slide.

    If all goes well then put the whole deal into a ziplock and let a gunsmith extract the shell and inspect for damage.

    Worst case would be to get a gunsmith to extract the round and send the whole thing to KelTek for repair. It would definitly not be warranty.
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    Time not to panic. Just be sure not to do any damage to the frame.
    Everything else can be easily replaced if need be.

    You should get a good amount of thin gun oil down the barrel and also all around the rear of the stuck cartridge. Flood it from the muzzle and from the chamber.
    You can always easily get rid of the oil later on.
    Then just start lightly tapping the barrel with the plastic handle of a decent size large screwdriver or with a plastic mallet.
    Do that constant light harmonic tapping on the barrel with the hard plastic for at least a half hour.
    That will set up some vibration which will migrate the oil around the stuck cartridge.
    Invest in a plastic mallet or a heavy plastic handled screwdriver if you don't have one since you can also use that to move your slide back to the desired position.
    Also get some oil on your slide/frame rails before you try to move the slide.

    You should then be able to knock the round out with a brass rod down the muzzle.

    The brass will not hurt your barrel or rifling.

    Be sure to use a heavy and wide enough length of brass. It should be almost bore diameter.
    You should be able to find SOMETHING solid brass at the hardware store that you make into a rod if you don't have something laying around the house.

    If you have already managed to move the stuck cartridge a little bit then it will come out.

    Just take your time...relax.

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    Well, I have a friend who IS a gunsmith, and he is going to come look at it today.

    The round is stuck in the chamber, but not quite all the way; it juts out of the back of the chamber about one or two millimeters. This was preventing the slide from moving all the way forward and preventing me from stripping the gun.

    I would post pictures, but I am in the middle of moving and the camera is packed away.

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    Don't sweat it. Most people are too gentle on their firearms in cases like this. When your buddy comes over - do not watch. I messed up putting a gun back together and locked up the works. When the smith forced it open, using just his hands, the guide rod split and the two pieces and the spring shot to unknown places in his shop never to be seen again. New rod and spring and everything was GTG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
    When the smith forced it open, using just his hands, the guide rod split and the two pieces and the spring shot to unknown places in his shop never to be seen again.
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    You're gun is toast dude. better just send it to me...

    Best of luck, and don't take any more dummy rounds from that dummy, or you'll get Dummy of the Year award.
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    As long as you didn't get a dremel anywhere near it ,It is fixable
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