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This is a discussion on Hoppes #9 within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; I know folks that use Hoppes #9 for cologne, so I'm sure it's just fine as the last patch through the barrell instead of oil...

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Thread: Hoppes #9

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    I know folks that use Hoppes #9 for cologne, so I'm sure it's just fine as the last patch through the barrell instead of oil
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    There is something nostalgic about using it
    If that's the reason for using Hoppes when there is something much better..then do you still shoot only muskets???

    I used to go to the Show show every year and stock up on gun cleaners..cuz they were free and I was taught that any product made for cleaning firearms work well enough..

    I know better.. I know Hoppes does not clean as well as gunzilla..I also know it made with mostly hydrocarbons..read Kerosene & Ethyl Alcohol.
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    I havn't used or purchased any gunzilla......yet. But when I use up my current supply of Hopps I'll get some and try it. Right now I've got a 'surplus' of hopps and CLP.

    Hopps #9 has worked for me for many, many moons.

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    cwblanco wrote: There is something nostalgic about using it.
    Quote Originally Posted by TapRackBang View Post
    If that's the reason for using Hoppes when there is something much better..then do you still shoot only muskets???
    I shoot black powder rifles. Does that count? As to your comparisons, I would venture to say that during my lifetime my firearems most likely are as clean as yours and will perform as well, even though I did not use Godzilla. However, wait until they come out with versions #2, #3, and #4. You will find that you can only get it so clean to a degree. After that you can use a file and began cutting into metal.

    While there may be better products, I like to make a comparison to quality knives. You can always find a better and more expensive knife, but mine will still cut as well, and I will be long gone before they wear out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Eliminate all your concerns and use this for everything... TopDuck Products, LLC - Creators of Gunzilla, The World's Best Gun Cleaner
    Yeah but does it smell as good as Hoppes, I am addicted to that smell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camjr View Post
    I know folks that use Hoppes #9 for cologne.
    That is all I use it for since switching to Weapon Shield.
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    All I use is Hoppe's. I tried Breakfree, thought they should have named it Gungoo. Back to Hoppe's, why switch when I'm happy with it. I even put a coat of it on my Randall knives before putting them in the safe.


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    Mobil-One Oil. 5W-40 is great, 0W-15 for you snowlanders. Yep, the synthetic motor stuff. A $5 bottle will last forever. Works pretty good in your car too!

    ATF fluid works well also, but makes your gun smell like, well, your transmission.
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    Hoppe's #9 and Acrylic Enamel Reducer smell exactly alike. Painting cars and trucks for 35+ years... I know that smell very well. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Hoppe's is just that with some type of lubricant added.

    I only use Hoppe's 9 soaking in the barrel as I clean the rest of the firearm. I use Weapon Shield on all the critical spots then run a final lite patch of Remoil through the barrel.

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    I'm another former Hoppes #9 user (12+ years) who has jumped on the Gunzilla bandwagon. It's the best and fastest cleaner I have ever used. I literally cleaned the barrel of my Ruger LCP by running 3 cleaning patches through it yesterday after about 100 rounds at the range. The 3rd patch came out clean.

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    I see lots of regs using Gunzilla as a one stop does it all product. Cleans, lubes, protects all in one product? I'm going to have to try some. Where can I get hooked up?
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    Hi BigDude, I sent in an order via the computer at around 1:00 a.m. this morning for a 16 ounce bottle for $24.95 and a 1.9 Ounce spray bottle for $6.95, with $4.47 for shipping order came to $36.37.

    Just google Gunzilla and pick the TopDuck Products, LLC web site.

    Dave M.

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    Master gunsmith Bob Dunlap in the AGI videos uses Simple Green to break up the grease and fouling, then CLP Break Free for lubrication. Of course, this doesn't do much for copper or lead fouling.

    In the past several years, I have used an occasional foaming bore scrubber, along with CLP Break Free. Seems to work very well. It penetrates into the crevices. Following along with the AGI video on full stripping of the lever-action Marlin 1894 rifle, the gun functioned exceptionally smoothly following liberal use of CLP on all the parts during cleaning.

    Prior to that, it was Hoppes #9, with a generic gun oil or light grease (ie, the synthetic Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube). The Ultima-Lube grease, in particular, was great. It stayed in place well, lasted a long time, and resisted attracting much dirt and gunge. The longer it was used, the better it seemed to work, too.

    Since I am nearly out of my recent batch of cleaners, I have ordered some Mil-Comm MC25 cleaner/degreaser, MC3000 lube/protectant, and TW25B light grease. I have heard many people speak highly of these, so we'll give it a shot. A little expensive, but this should last a couple of years based on how frequently I shoot the various guns. The heavier oil and the light grease will also be a welcome addition, again, with the hotter summer months approaching.
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    "If that's the reason for using Hoppes when there is something much better..then do you still shoot only muskets???"

    Truth is there is nothing out there that is all that "much" better despite all the claims and testimonials. If one wishes to stay on the "cutting edge," likes the notion of one product that "does it all," or his wife hates the smell, or he wishes to "go green" with his cleaning fluids, then he may choose from a host of offerings. None are magical. The maintenance attention shown the firearm is more important than which type of suitable product is used.

    I've got a number of firearms I've had for 30 to over 35 years. All are well used and have always received proper care using Hoppe's No. 9. The guns are in first rate condition because Hoppe's does a fine job. I'm happy, the guns are happy. Hoppe's No. 9 is still a great product and I particularly don't wish to change.

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    For pure cleaning power I use gun scrubber... takes the oil, grease and dirt out of the part and your hand.

    I also have taken a liking to grease for sliding parts and use breakfree oils for small parts.

    The problem many many people have is over lubricating, causing gunk to build up. With modern steels its almost better not to lubricate then to over lubricate.
    There is something about firing 4,200 thirty millimeter rounds/min that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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