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Springfield XD .45 jams/feed problems

This is a discussion on Springfield XD .45 jams/feed problems within the Firearm Cleaning & Maintenance forums, part of the General Firearm Discussion category; Originally Posted by andyw328 I appreciate everyone that is asking about my grip to rule me out, but I do not do anything halfway. I ...

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Thread: Springfield XD .45 jams/feed problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyw328 View Post
    I appreciate everyone that is asking about my grip to rule me out, but I do not do anything halfway. I make it a point to learn beforehand, and practice practice practice when the time comes. I had the rangemaster at both of the ranges I shoot at around here show me proper grip and shooting techniques. I can't figure out how to upload pix or I would just do that, but with my dominant hand holding the pistol, I make sure to choke up as far as I can get up the grip, hold firmly, and my supporting hand I slide into the open space on the grip between my palm and fingers.

    I can't see how the grip could affect the gun functioning, but now I am curious! Can anyone explain how "limp-wristing" so-called can cause malfunctions?

    PS I am broke but hopefully I can go get some new rounds tomorrow and report back about any malfunctions I do or do not encounter.
    Glad to hear that you're thorough in your training.

    Limp wristing is a term used to describe a phenomenon commonly encountered by semiautomatic pistol shooters, where the shooter's grip is not firm enough to hold the frame of the pistol steady while the bolt or slide of the pistol cycles. This condition often results in a failure to complete the operating cycle, properly termed a malfunction, but commonly (and incorrectly) termed a jam. Rifles and shotguns, if fired without the stock in the shoulder, may also be prone to limp wristing.
    You can read more here: Limp wristing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    God is love (1 John 4:8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
    Use Occam's razor which is the principle that entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity and the conclusion thereof, that the simplest explanation or strategy tends to be the best one. Or in other words: Given all things and all things being equal, the simplest explanation is the right one.
    Into philosophy? I was happy to see someone on a gun forum mention Occam's razor!

    (not to imply that people with guns are uninterested or incapable of philosophy or critical thought... quite the opposite!)

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    Welll yesterday, I got a box of 50 Winchester, and 50 Blazer. The Winchester were brass, the Blazer aluminum, but both factory fresh so I figured it'd work. (side note: the Winchester was $40 for the box of 50... I figured I'd try it, but by the end of the night I was very disappointed I paid that much, as you'll see)

    The VERY FIRST mag had a feed error with the Winchester, but then all the rest were good. Shooting is expensive, and I am a student whose place of employment closed down, so it is hard for me to be able to shoot frequently. I've been trying to hit up every Walmart in the area (about 5) the last 3 weeks looking for ammo, and not only are they always outta stock, but they are always rude on the phone and I tend to have to call back a lot. The calls generally take 20 minutes before I either give up or drive up. Well long story short, I complained yesterday (again), and the manager took my number. Calls me back later on while I'm at band practice, tells me they just got in 600 rounds of Winchester. I had her hold me 3 boxes, or 300 rounds, and went to get em around 11. My total, after the $10 discount card she gave me earlier?

    $94 and change. For 300 of the same round I paid $40 for 50 earlier. "/

    Anyway, I will hopefully get to go shoot again today, and if I continue to get misfeeds... I am suspecting the magazine maybe?

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    Probably the mag. Man... I really need to be there! I would really hate it if you decided to get rid of your firearm for something simple I can fix. You know what I mean? Where do you live? Flint, MI?

    I just dont know, I need to see it to really diagnose it. I can give you suggestions and what not but thats probably not what you are looking for.

    Okay, try this. Before you go to the range, clean your firearm WELL! I mean Q-tip it. Clean your mags too, do you know how to do this? Oil it up and then shoot it. Load the mag 5 rounds, 10 rounds, the full. Shoot one round at a time, no rapid fire. Do this with all your mags.

    Please tell me how it works out in as much descriptive detail as possible.

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    I read your posts again and didn't see where you mentioned how many mags you are using.

    How many mags came with the gun? If more than one, are the issues happening with all the mags?

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    Kimber 3" feed problems

    I also have a Kimber Ultra with a 3" barrel, and four new Kimber stainless magazines.
    I have put about 500 - 600 rounds through it, mostly FMJ ball stuff of various manufacturer's.
    Even some Hornady "Critical Defense" stuff with the little red plastic plug in the tip.
    The ball ammo works great, never a problem with that or it's use in the magazines.
    However, under certain condx, the Hornady stuff jams on feed, as if the lower lip of the
    feed ramp is trying to cut the bullet directly in half. This only happens when I insert the
    magazine with the slide closed, and then try to "rack" the slide to inject the first round.
    If I insert the mag. with the slide open, and then release the slide, all is well, and all seven
    rounds may be fired without any hangups. The problem seems to be the angle of the
    cartridges in the magazine: When pushed up against the closed slide, the cartridges do
    not assume their "proper" angle "of attack" in relation to the feed ramp. In those cases
    the slide hits the bullet and rams it into the bottom of the feed ramp. In all other cases,
    where the bullets are allowed to have the higher angle (towards the bottom of the ramp),
    the feeding is without problems. I have cleaned and lubed the mags and maybe that appeared
    to make a difference, but only for a short time, measured in seconds, or a few rounds.
    My real question then is just what is the actual differences between those mags that do work,
    and the ones that "don't" work? I have disassembled the Kimber mags and think maybe a
    person could adjust the ramp on the mag, but am hesitant to mess with it. I may anyway,
    but think I will call Kimber a fifth time and discuss it in finer detail with them. Just thought
    I would weigh in with my 15 cents worth. Any comments would be appreciated. PS: There
    is often a large gap between the "bullet" end of the top cartridge and the "bullet end" of the
    next one in the mag., and of course the primer ends are all stacked, and touching. One can
    actually pivot the top cartridge up and down around the primer end, as a point of contact.
    What it's all saying is the mags are not working like they should, question is what to do about
    it without spending more money? Hopefully modifying the Kimber mags. is the answer ? Thanks.

    Dave (evad)

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    Y'all need to quit messing around and get a Glock IMO. I dunno how this went from an XD thread into a Kimber thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by andyw328 View Post
    Shooting is expensive, and I am a student whose place of employment closed down, so it is hard for me to be able to shoot frequently.

    Yes....shooting (buying ammo) can be expensive. This is the reason not many will ever practice beyond the required class range time to get their CC permit. Maybe we should start something like the Range Army where ammo donations could accumulate to get folks out to the range? I think that would be good actually. We sort of owe it to ourselves to help everyone hit their target instead of innocents. I don't ever want to be struck by a bullet intended for someone else do you?

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