Forum Self Governance

Forum Self Governance

This is a discussion on Forum Self Governance within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; I'll try to be brief. The other day there was a post about a free website for selling guns on this forum. Looked good so ...

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Thread: Forum Self Governance

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    Forum Self Governance

    I'll try to be brief. The other day there was a post about a free website for selling guns on this forum. Looked good so I posted a handgun for sale this morning. Then I thought, oh yeah, put it on this forum with a link. Yeah....double up, that's the ticket. A couple hours later I got a PM from one of our folks telling me that I'd scribbled outside the lines of the forum rules, but he said it very diplomatically. My bad. He was right. I fixed things and shot him a PM acknowledging my error. All good BUT...he thanked me for having a refreshing attitude. Very kind of him, you bet. But a real bummer IMO because I think he was expecting an issue from me. And BTW, he's got a gun for sale on another site so he doesn't have it on this one. He's playing by the rules.

    We're not here to take warm showers together and some healthy debate is great (although 45 is the answer so let's just end that one). But we should be able to expect reasonable and rational behavior from one another. I can guess the reasons for most of our rules but it really doesn't matter. I agreed to them so ... I gotta follow them. Same as being on the gotta stay inside the lines and count on the next guy doing the same.

    Now let's all go roast some marshmellows together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by svgheartland View Post
    (although 45 is the answer so let's just end that one).
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    Well, if you aren't going to spell "marshmallow" correctly then we just can't take you seriously. Harrumph!!!

    But seriously - good point and it's worth being aired. I've had my knuckles (gently) rapped electronically a few times, but I deserved it. The moderators here do a great job, and anyone who gets shown the door has earned it four-square.
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    Some folks miss the rule page during the act of posting in Members BST and thus don't read it before they list an item for sale.

    The Mods are normally decently forgiving and will send a notification PM so that the member can rectify the situation and stay within the guidelines/rules as set up by Bumper.
    The rules are quite basic/elementary and easy to follow.
    Here they be:

    Special Rules Applicable To Posting in the "Member Buy, Sale & Trade" Forum

    To make it easier and safer for both buying and selling items through the forum, sellers are expected to conform to a couple of requirements.

    Pictures should be available to a buyer/potential buyer, even if not actually posted (which we strongly recommend).
    If you prefer to email pictures rather than post them, you should unblock your email address to facilitate that process.
    You can either attach the pictures to a post, insert them with a link or host them elsewhere.
    As a buyer, remember it is your responsibility to be satisfied with an item's condition prior to buying.

    The title of the thread should contain what the item is, followed by a colon ":" and the city/state or at least state where the item is for sale, since some people will only buy locally or within their state.
    You should do the same if it is an item you want to buy, rather than sell. Threads started that do not conform to this requirement may be edited or deleted at moderators' discretion.

    Please post the price, terms, shipping arrangements, etc in the initial post.

    Please do not "Bump" threads.

    Please do not create a thread with a link to an eBay or Gunbroker auction you currently have running to sell an item.
    Members are allowed to make guns and equipment available for purchase here, but we are not an announcement bulletin board.

    If the item sells, we would appreciate it if you would make a final post indicating the item is sold and close the thread.
    Threads can be closed by the originator.

    This forum is for advertising items for sale and not to be used to discuss the merits of particular offers.
    Please restrict questions and comments to the item(s) being sold.
    All unrelated posts interfere with the original poster's attempts to sell the items and will be removed without notice.

    Posts made here do not increment a member's post count.

    Items listed here must not be listed elsewhere on the Internet, including auction sites or other forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by svgheartland View Post
    All good BUT...he thanked me for having a refreshing attitude. Very kind of him, you bet. But a real bummer IMO because I think he was expecting an issue from me.
    We do usually acknowledge when someone has a good attitude towards our enforcement of the rules as many (I would guess 60%) do not accept responsibility and come back with either an argument why they can't possibly be wrong or a simple smart reply. Others come out swinging by calling names and cussing and are immediately shown the door. It's not like breaking a rule is a big deal to us, but to many, it appears to be. I have, sadly, accepted it as a just a sign of the times.

    We really DO appreciate the members that are interested in maintaining the civil atmosphere of the forum. You'll just never know how much we appreciate it.....
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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