A reminder about our rules

A reminder about our rules

This is a discussion on A reminder about our rules within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; We have, over the past few weeks, been getting more personal attacks and adult language that are contrary to our rules. I would like to ...

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Thread: A reminder about our rules

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    A reminder about our rules

    We have, over the past few weeks, been getting more personal attacks and adult language that are contrary to our rules. I would like to remind everyone that our rules are meant to keep things civil in a forum with people with a lot of different backgrounds and experience levels.

    If you cannot post without calling names, attacking a person or using language outside our rules I would invite you to simply not post or take it to another forum. Most of this type of rule infraction comes from members that are new to the forum, but some, clearly, come from those that should know better.

    Every year we require our membership to agree to our rules before being able to post. While this may seem a pain to many of you, it will, hopefully, keep many others out of trouble. I am about to reset the system to require that agreement.
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    Thank you Bumper!
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    Thanks for the post, I've been on here for only a few months and the recent couple of weeks or so I've seen some stuff that was disturbing. I appreciate the reminder.

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    Good reminder, thanks.
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    Thank you.

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    Fair enough. I will remember this in future posts. Thank you
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    I think the Moderators do a pretty good job of keeping the post "to DC standards". Or at least by the time I read a thread, they've been brought to DC standards.
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    The rules enforced by this Forum are a benefit to all members. It is one reason I enjoy this Forum so much. We are all linked by the cc interest, and should treat each other with respect.
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    I absolutely agree. I lurked on this forum for probably 3 weeks before I even registered. I did so after determining that this was a group of adults that I wanted to associate with.

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    Hmmm, I seem to have missed all the excitement. I guess that's because The Staff has been doing an exemplary job!

    As always, kudos to Bumper and the excellent group of moderators.
    Last edited by JonInNY; May 7th, 2010 at 11:11 PM. Reason: Dumb spelling errors!
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    You are right. I hope it wasn't me, but I will pay more attention to my posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevePVB View Post
    You are right. I hope it wasn't me, but I will pay more attention to my posts
    I will do the same!
    Semper Fi

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    Much appreciate the update on the rules
    Gotta' love a quiet place to share, learn , and laugh.

    Thanks for the site!
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    I haven't had an infraction in quite awhile,only because I'm moderating my own stuff and I know what won't fly from previous infractions
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    The "gentlemenly" nature of this forum (no offense to the members who are the gentler gender) is one of the things that make it one of my favorites. Nice job by the Admin and Mods.
    "Skin that smokewagon!".

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