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Thread: Forum Display Problem

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    Thanks for all the hard work Bumper.
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    Thanks Bumper! Well, now we all know how much we really like this forum. Shut us down for a little while and we all have withdrawal pains!
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    Hey Bumper... No worries bro! These little bumps in the road really makes us appreciate what all it entails to keep a forum like this up and running. It's hard work that I for one certainly appreciate. You won't get any complaints outta me buddy!

    Semper Fi

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    Wow! I haven't been around enough to be up to date on things like this. Logged in today and was worried I had done something wrong or gone to the wrong place. Once one gets used to something, anything out of the ordinary takes you back a few steps, and maybe slows you down a bit. Thing is, it elicits the adaption process I always recommend when one gets a new pistol, or their first pistol. The interface ordeal. We adapt to the things we use or depend upon or we're lost. Whatever was lost with the forum modifications or foundation, won't be lost forever. I know it's got to be a hassle for the site admin, but in reality, I've had my first surprise of the day....kind of a shake me up and see how I deal with it. It's a gift in disguise actually. See how much we take for granted sometimes. Find out that occasionally there can be kinks in the fabric, changes in our daily routine..........forgetting to expect the unexpected, etc...... Overall, it's a good experience for me, and likely many others whom might look at it the same way I do. I know the site admin are doing the best they can with what they've got to work with. I truly appreciate their diligence in recreating what was lost, and bringing back what we're accustomed to as one of the best forums on the internet today. At least it's still here and active. It shows the determination in us all to make sure it survives no matter what. I'm almost sure this has become an unexpected financial burden on the site as a whole, so maybe it would be wise to send a little bit of support soon. We appreciate this site, the admins, the sponsors, and everything they do to make it all worthwhile.

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    Thanks for all of the hard work, Bumper. Some things just take time. We appreciate yours!
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    Bumber, thanks for all that you do! I know this can't be easy. The hard work you and your staff put in is very much appreciated.
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    Thanks for all your dedication went threw withdrawls last night wondered all day at work if I would get a fix tonight
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    Thanks for all your hard work Bumper.
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    Appreciate the heads up, was about to start complaining, now I see that I don't have to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumper View Post
    The good news is that the "Mark All Forums Read" problem should have been resolved.
    Ha ha ha! That's a positive way of looking at it. Glad you're up and sorry it turned into such a nightmare for you!

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    We all appreciate your efforts, but a Little kibitz the pastels are kind of hard on the old eyes, and a lot of the graphics are only showing up as X, n log in issues were resolved but kind of a WHAT? time......
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    Whew, I'm not banned! (lawl)
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    Thank you Bumper for your efforts!
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    It's the little hiccups like this that remind us how good we have had it for so long! Thanks for all you do Bumper, we know it will be worth the wait!
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