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I need to know how to post a link to a story/website,I used to just copy and paste it which is Taboo,Any help would be appreciated
There are several ways to accomplish this task, however, easiest way is the following method I prefer:

1) Go to page of the story/article/website you want to post a link to.

2) With your mouse cursor, go to the top of your web browser to the address bar where the URL is listed and do a simple left button mouse click. This will highlight the complete web address of the page/article/website that is displayed on your browser. (http:// www. )

3) Once the URL/web address has been highlighted, hover your cursor over it and perform a right button mouse click. Scroll down the list and select copy. This will store or copy that URL address to your clipboard.

4) Now return to the Defensive Carry post you would like to insert the link and move your cursor to the portion of your post where you would like the link to appear.

5) Perform a right button mouse click and select paste and it will insert a link to that website into your post.

An alternative method to step #5 would be to complete everything up to step #4 then on the tool bar at the top of your post, you'll see a series of icons for Bold, Italics, Underline and all the rest. Click on the insert link icon (which is the first little globe, without the red X) It will open a "dialog box" which says "Please enter the URL of your link". Use the right mouse button and Paste the URL which you have already copied into that address bar. Then click OK and it will insert a link into your post at the point you last had your cursor.

I hope this helps!