Effective search tip

Effective search tip

This is a discussion on Effective search tip within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; This may be old news, but I thought I would post it. There has been a recent flood of new members, which is great And ...

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Thread: Effective search tip

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    Effective search tip

    This may be old news, but I thought I would post it.

    There has been a recent flood of new members, which is great

    And with new members, comes those with limited CC experience. So it's not uncommon to have new posts of questions/dilemmas/inquiries that have been addressed before.

    I'm not posting this to complain in any way, I like to talk/type about new stuff as much as the next guy

    Oft times I want to dig up something that I knew existed here on DC, and couldn't find it. Honestly, the search feature is rather lacking.

    Google! Yes google is our friend, for those who don't already know...

    Just type the word or phrase, followed by search site:defensivecarry.com. It works for any site and it's an invaluable tool when doing research.

    An example:

    Glock 19 IWB holster search site:defensivecarry.com
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    Good tip...I have struggled with the search feature ever since I joined. Thanks!
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    Cool!! Thanks!
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    Note to Admin:

    Google search as a direct link to this site is available for download. 2 different versions. Free version comes with unwanted (maybe) adds. Small fee eliminates these adds. You probably already know all this but had to prove I do to LOL
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    What I've found works best for using the on-site search feature is once you change to the "search single content type" tab of the advanced search, bookmark the URL.

    Using the Archive is also useful by searching via Ctl+F and searching titles.

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