We have been forced to end our previous contest/donation that we were holding. PayPal has locked our account and has asked for a subordination letter from Wounded Warrior giving us/Forum Foundry permission to hold this raffle on their behalf. After more than a week of emails and phone calls, Wounded Warrior has refused to return a single phone call or email from us.

Because of this, we have refunded all of the funds collected. You should receive notification of the refund from paypal today.

We will be still be selecting a winner for the $600 gift certificate from those members who tried to contribute.

We/ourselves have also decided to take the amount of the total funds that were previously raised, match it and donate $341.00 to on your behalf. This is a great organization and the funds will be gladly accepted there.

Thank you all for your understanding. We will be announcing the winner of the $600 contest in the coming days, so please stay tuned.