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Why are so many people so rude here?

This is a discussion on Why are so many people so rude here? within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the DefensiveCarry.com Forum Office category; Originally Posted by Mike1956 It's an internet thing. In my opinion it is a lack of proper upbringing. The Internet only makes it easier to ...

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Thread: Why are so many people so rude here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    It's an internet thing.
    In my opinion it is a lack of proper upbringing. The Internet only makes it easier to show off your lack of common courtesy.

    I have seen folks in public admonishing total strangers for being fat or smoking. I've seen kids telling off adults in public while their parents sat by doing nothing.

    I'm sorry but I blame the parents for allowing things to get this bad.

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    Generaly if I am imparting wit I let it be known, in one way or the other, people have questions I have not seen a dumb one if they realy did not know or have the answer. My three year old asks dumb questions everyday by some standards, but if he is learning ther is no harm no foul and I oblige.
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    It doesn't bother me at all. It would if I new you. Most of what's posted here are opinions..take'em or leave'em, and that is my opinion.
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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    Sometimes a statement not intended to be rude is taken that way. Sometimes being rude is fun. Sometimes it may be intended to provoke thought. Sometimes guys post stuff that is like a setup for a punchline.
    This is a very tame forum compared to some unrelated ones I know where no slack is given or asked for.

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    I think the biggest thing to remember is that this is a public online GUN forum. We are the people that think that spending a Saturday afternoon shooting 1k rounds through our new firearm is like winning the jackpot. We are the people that stock up on ammo and ask questions like...is 5000 rounds enough, or should I go with 10k just to be safe? We are the people that put dehumidifiers in our 2k dollar gun vaults.

    So again, I will reiterate; this is a public online gun forum, and yes, we ARE those people. Welcome.
    "60% of the time...it works every time..." -Brian Fantana

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    I mostly read and don't post due to some of the not so expert rude comments from the few greater then thou on forums. But we all see the smarty remarks that are thrown out at times. I been involved in car, motorcycle, gun forums and it's there in all. I try to be kind to all, but some take kindness for weakness. True about any question that could be asked has been answered somewhere in this forum and can be searched out. But to a new person they want To interact with the forum crowd but sometimes they get flamed at the start from just asking a question. I see a lot of stuff asked that has been addressed more then once but I'm not rude to the newbie for just asking. I think if someone is offended or what ever their problem is if someone such as a newbie asked a question that has been addressed several times before just don't respond in that thread. Thens that's all the better for all involved. In this day and age of troubled times try to live by the Golden Rule....

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    You don't need to know
    If one wishes to engage in internet discussions one needs to grow a thicker skin.

    "There is a secret pride in every human heart that revolts at tyranny. You may order and drive an individual, but you cannot make him respect you." William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830)

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    I think this forum is rather tame, compared to several I frequent. You must remember the words of the famous American writer "Anonymous" who once wrote: "Internet forums are the CB Radio of the new millennium - new wireless technology, same jackasses".

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    DefensiveCarry is probably the most polite and well behaved gun forum on the Internet.

    I would say that many of the comments here that some would call "rude" are really better classed as direct, "brief" & often painfully truthful.

    As with any Internet forum - folks DO need to grow some thicker skin and not take every typed sentence comment, or criticism as a life or death issue.

    There is a great deal of anonymity on the Internet so naturally expect some folks to comment in ways other than the way they would if you were sitting in their kitchen discussing firearms over a cup of Joe and pancakes.

    Get used to it, consider the source, & keep on keepin' on.

    With regard to "feelings" if I ain't married to you and I don't know who you are - you can't hurt mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fastk9dad View Post
    I actually think this is one of the most respectful forums I am currently and have ever been on. For the most part I think everyone tries to be helpful but we are all human and have our moments.
    Thank you, fastk9dad, I agree!
    You can educate ignorance, you can't fix stupid
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    It's those who think that they "know it all" who are so annoying to those of us who do. There is a wide range of knowledge and culture on this site. And they don't always correlate.
    IMO, the mods are great and keeping the forum great. They enforce the rules
    The rules are meant to reduce the amount of discord that is present in so many other forums and detracts from the purpose and value of the forum itself.

    General Rules:
    2. While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts or PMs. Trolling, flaming, and personal attacks are strictly prohibited. You are welcome to disagree with opinions other than your own, but flaming other members will not be allowed. If you can't figure out how to compose a post without it being confrontational or a personal attack on someone, simply bite your lip and don't post it.
    Some people have to raise their internet voice to emphasize the passion that they feel for an important topic on this crucial forum.
    Americans understood the right of self-preservation as permitting a citizen to repel force by force
    when the intervention of society... may be too late to prevent an injury.
    -Blackstone’s Commentaries 145–146, n. 42 (1803) in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)

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    I've only noticed a couple here and there that I thought were being overly aggressive with their replies to post. For the most part IMO, it's like what a lot have stated already; DC is generally pretty tame and friendly, and the real jerks get culled out pretty quickly. I'm one of the ones that at times can be very opinionated depending on the subject matter, but it's never my direct intention to upset the apple cart. There's been times when I felt like someone needed to catch the sharp edge and I've obliged, which truthfully doesn't really help the situation at all, but I have my weak moments.

    I'd suggest, just hang in there and do as the mods suggest, report the post you feel are overly rude, or aggressive and let them do their thing. IMO, the mods here are pretty fair and balanced as well as intuitive regarding their positions and sooner or later the jerks will catch their ire all by themselves. One day you'll log on and come across one of the jerks post and notice the "EX member" located under their moniker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgb View Post
    If one wishes to engage in internet discussions one needs to grow a thicker skin.

    That...is....FUNNY!!!! And very true.
    And you know I could have me a million more friends, and all I'd have to lose is my point of view. -- John Prine (A Good Time)

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    Condescending responses are the problem IMO. No one here or on any other forum needs to have their nose so far up in the air that they can't help someone interested in the same ideas and practices.

    Post count: to some it DOES make them feel more informed and more of an expert in CC and CCW.

    Length of membership: "I've been here since day one and I have seen it all and know it all". Yeah...it's here too folks.

    Others give advice or opinions based on what they read from other members, and not from experience. This is where bad advice and direction is given the most. Bad advice trickles down to the next person asking similar questions and so on.

    If you don't have experience with a particular gun, refrain from giving advice about it. It's a weightless and ignorant opinion.

    There's also a gang mentality for some. "So and so is my friend and I will come to their aide when someone disagrees with them or attacks them." this one is prevalent on all forums as well. Some more than others.

    "grow thick skin". Is this a way to tell folks you are tougher than they are and they need to be as tough as you to handle it? I sure hope not. I do agree, however, that it takes a certain level of dermal density to survive on Internet forums.

    Humbleness and humility. We all need it.
    May you be in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead

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    People get bigger balls when they are hiding behind a computer screen. Simple as that. They say things that they would never say to your face.
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