Formatting errors

Formatting errors

This is a discussion on Formatting errors within the Forum News, Feedback, Problems & Comments forums, part of the Forum Office category; I notice this forum crunches any number of paragraphs into a single incomprehensible block of text. Other forums. go to do not do this. By ...

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Thread: Formatting errors

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    Formatting errors

    I notice this forum crunches any number of paragraphs into a single incomprehensible block of text. Other forums. go to do not do this. By doing this, it is impossible to intelligently format a discussion beyond what is more like a twitter tweet. Well thought out intelligent posts end out looking long winded and are ignored.

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    Odd, I have read any number of posts that are written with several paragraph breaks.

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    I have not seen a problem either

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    Some people know how to use the return key, others do not. Seems to be that way with punctuation as well.

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    When on my computer, paragraphs are as simple as the enter key.

    But on my phone, it doesn't work. At least it doesn't with tapatalk, I haven't tried using the browser. I'm wondering if the OP is also posting from a mobile device.

    ETA: my phone's browser accurately shows paragraph spacing, but the text in tapatalk does not. I see the spaces while creating and editing posts, but not in the thread format.

    Perhaps there is an error between the forum and the tapatalk application?

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    I don't know if the following is a function of the board or the browser I use, but I have certainly noticed
    that many things which are typed correctly and appear correctly on my screen have odd line
    arrangements of the breaks when posted.

    I'll see a line of words, a break, 3-5 words that occupy 1/4 of the screen, then a break, then another long line.

    It is possible, I haven't checked, that this is partly a function of the way I zoom my own screen so I can see
    what I've typed.

    This post appears correctly on my screen now. Let's see what it looks like after I post it. I'll come back
    and let you all know if the format changed.

    ADDED A MOMENT LATER-- Sure enough, it is not rendered properly now that it has gone up on the board.

    And now, a moment later again, the paragraphs are badly broken up. For example, the line
    starting, "It is possible" is broken after the word "screen." The next line is, "so I can see" and then there is an inappropriate break followed by a third line, "what I've typed."

    The same problem happens for the paragraph starting, "This post appears..."

    Presently, the portion of this post at "ADDED A MOMENT LATER" appears to be correctly
    shown on my screen, but I think it will not be correctly shown after I push the "save" button.

    Again, I don't know if this is my browser setting, or something going on at the board end.
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    We definitely dont have as many options as one does in a microsoft word document but I think everyone gets by just fine.

    This is off topic from the OP, but is there anyway one of the administrators could set something up to where we would get notifications for people replying with a quote?

    Im not computer savvy but I thought maybe that could possibly be an oversight.

    Thank you. AB

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