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Thread: Stop it now before it spreads

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    Keep it on topic and keep it civil.

    Refusal to do so will result in this thread disappearing.
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    The question is: How do you correct this error in our education system? With everyone in America thinking they need to attend college these days, if for no other reason than to keep from having to work, this indoctrination will only continue and will get worse. It is just that...indoctrination. Look at it as true constitutionalists "talking points" if you wish but that's exactly what it is.

    I have witnessed it first-hand. Not only with my son, who I have to constantly monitor and hope they don't 'get to' but more recently, a cousin of mine who is 49 years old and recently obtained a degree. Came out of college a completely different person with some of the most radical views you could imagine! This person wasn't like that prior to enrollment.

    Some on the left may argue that it's a "better way of thinking". Well, I don't need a college to teach my children how to think; I need them to educate them in the areas for which they are studying...period. It is not only in Political Science or Socialism or any other subject where one might suspect it but it is in every subject/course offered in universities across the nation.

    It is an epidemic in this country that doesn't seem to have a chance of getting better any time soon.
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    I'm confused....I thought this subforum (Forum news, feedback, problems & comments) was supposed to be about news, feedback, problems, & comments concerning the setup, operation, usability, and functions of the forum...not for discussing Chicago, politics, or our educational system.....did I miss something here?

    as for the will be up to parents of students making the noise with school boards/admin for anything to change with this indoctrination crap at the high school level....good luck with getting any points across with admin in those places that are in line with their professors on this crap
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post
    Here is the product of the 60s and 70s SDS, Weathermen and other radical groups work over the years. This city (Chicago) is the ideal for what they hope to do in the entire country. I say stop this there. That city is toast....let's not let this happen everywhere. Carefully think about your vote and then VOTE.

    Indoctrination 101: Teaching Chicago Students to Protest

    Jones College Prep, a Chicago Public Schools “selective enrollment” school, held “Social Justice Week” in March, a collection of events geared towards turning students into activists. See the schedule of events here.

    According to a flyer on the school’s website:

    Social Justice Week was created to promote community advancement through dialogue and community service based activism. Moreover, we hope to unify the voice of various JCP and community organizations in which to facilitate collaboration for the betterment of the community at large and promote a unified human rights advancement initiative.

    The school is, according to U.S. News & World Report, a Top 100 high school in the country. It’s one of the best of the best--the cream of the crop.

    Demographically, Jones College Prep is fairly balanced. Statistics from 2007-2008 show black enrollment is 23.4%, white enrollment is 29.5% and Hispanic enrollment is 33.7%.

    Yet the school administrators, through Social Justice Week, gave a platform to community organizers who in turn provided students biased information and encouraged them to take specific steps to protest, reports exclusively.

    When we heard about the week, we contacted school officials requesting to observe and record the events. All parties consented.

    You can watch the exclusive video below.

    On Wednesday of Social Justice Week, Black Star Project, a Chicago-based community organizing group, was brought into the school after school hours to teach students about “non-violent” protesting. Led by Phillip Jackson, former “Chief of Education” under former Mayor Richard Daley, the optional discussion was focused on students fighting back against gun crime.

    Black Star Project, according to its website, is funded by Open Society Foundations (i.e. George Soros), Best Buy, ING and Toyota Motor Sales, among others.

    But Jackson apparently had no interest in allowing students to come to their own conclusions on gun ownership.

    Jackson's co-presenter, Camille Williams of the Peace in the Hood movement, made several inflammatory statements about gun ownership and the National Rifle Association. She claimed the NRA is indifferent to gun violence. She also asserted she has received emails from the NRA and/or its members claiming she is "going to hell" for her advocacy and "these porch monkeys deserved to die," referring to black children killed by guns. contacted Jackson regarding these emails, wishing to make them public. We received no response.

    When one student stated that she believed everyone should be able to own guns, her opinion was dismissed.

    Williams: Right now in Springfield, they are moving to pass conceal and carry so that everybody can carry guns. Are you all in agreement with that?

    Student: Um...I am because I think if you take away guns from regular citizens, the criminals and the police are the only ones who have them, so...

    Williams: did you look at this?

    [At that point, she held up a list to young people who have been killed with guns.]

    Student: Yes, ma'am, I did.

    Williams: How many of these kids on here are able to carry a gun?

    Student: None of them.

    Williams: And they are the leading targets.

    At this particular session of Social Justice Week, no opposing views were offered. It appeared only certain outcomes were being sought. Jackson strongly encouraged the students to develop forms of non-violent protest. “I’m not telling you to do it, but if you were going to,” he said, leading the proverbial horse to the water.

    "I'm just saying," he said on several occasions.

    Jackson then offered the idea of creating a symbolic graveyard on the school lawn of headstones featuring the names of Chicago residents killed with guns.

    Do the leaders of Jones College Prep understand what’s going on?

    Coming tomorrow: A Jones dean says “times are changing” and that’s why Social Justice Week is good for students and adults. Also, what can adults do to harness all that “teenage angst”?

    Exclusive - Indoctrination 101: Teaching Chicago Students to Protest
    Part of the problem is that Chicago is not at all representative of the rest Illinois but in sheer numbers controls the political destiny of the entire state. Get out of Chicago and you have few industrial centers with predominantly agricultural communities of mostly hard-working farmers or small businessmen/store keepers and service workers for the small towns and cities. Also check out the demographics of Chicago. Except for the places that house the Illinois prisons and the large meat-packing plants, IL. has relatively few minorities compared to Chicago. Crime statistics across the state reflect this. Chicago is like a black-hole (purely an astronomical comparison) sucking the life's blood from the rest of the state, whose taxpayers receive relatively little benefit and have little or nothing to say as to how their dollars are spent and Chicago is the largest school district in the state of IL. I'm sure this is not unique to IL, but what is unique is the stranglehold corruption, crime and machine politics has had on the state since prohibition. Other state's have their share but Chicago is the benchmark!
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    Try walking into a full class at your university wearing your class A's and watch the stares you get (admiration) for having balls. lol. My professors knew, I made the deans list, so hurting my grades wasn't going to happen.

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    I've been going to school since 2005. Army Guard here, And after all these years, I am finally graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University with my BA on Tuesday May 15th, Deans List to boot. I am already enrolled for my masters, (Homeland Security / Public Policy or my (MBA). Lessons learned, you work real hard, stay in your lane, and keep yourself squared away and in top shape, your already a winner.

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